Cedar Point raises ticket prices by a dollar

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WKYC, a local TV station out of Cleveland, reports that Cedar Point will raise adult ticket prices one dollar to $39. This hike follows a $5 raise last year, coinciding with the opening of Millennium Force.

Read the report from the Associated Press on the WKYC site.

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Gee, another dollar, another year. Surprise surprise surprise. Somehow, my weekly paycheck doesn't coencide with this inflation process. I just hope they don't bump up their parking either. That's the biggest killer with not only Cedar Point, but most amusement parks!
Guess I won't be visiting Cedar Point this year, those greedy good for nothing money lovers.
"God gave me a wake up call," RelientK-"Wake Up Call"

p.s. this post is meant to be sarcastic for anyone without a sense of humor.
I can semi-understand why they rose prices with MF being added (although $5 rise in one year is a lot) but the raise this year doesn't make much sense. The park isn't adding any new attractions within the actual park that are included with park admission.
Greeeeeedyyyy,just kiddin,there probaly raising it laugh at SFMM,and show them what they can do!

PS:Do you think CP will get Arrow's 4th dimesnision any time soon?
I guess I'll be ending up going to CP(Coastermania) just once this year...
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You've got to be kidding me. How cheap are you? "Oh no! If I go to the park twice this year, that'll be $2 more than I spent last year! Gasp!"

That price increase is 2.6%, which if I remember correctly is right around inflation.

Go to the park, spend the money, and don't Super Size your fries next time at McD's. Count your blessings, you could be an Orlando resident.

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I don't really care, I will still visit Cedar Point any time, no matter what the price is. It's worth every minute!

Millennium Force all the way!
This actually is old news, its been on the official site for a while. It still is funny to hear an actual discussion over a $1.

They are painting Raptor, thats what the $1 is for, besides inflation.

Inflation is actually up to 3.5%, so the price went down.
You know, I was planning to go to the Point this year, too, with the family and all...I just don't know where I'm gonna scrounge up that extra four bucks...

Blink is right. This is a miniscule increase, not particularly outrageous, and CP is still an incredible park (no matter how much it costs to get in). We should be concentrating more on the rides than the prices...

Six Flags Great Adventure season pass -- 10 and counting...

Cedar Point -- 30 and counting...
Unbelievable, I can't fathom the park raising prices at this rate for much longer! I mean, in ten years, they would be as expensive at Sea World Orlando right now! HOW DO THEY SLEEP AT NIGHT?!

Joe, proud Cedar Point Combo Passholder. ;)

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OMG!!! One dollar. I go along with blink, ill go no matter what. The ticket price isnt the killer though, the main thing in each park is the food and drinks. The other, as dawg byte said is the parking. Im going to visit maybe four to five times this year. The price will still be well worth the day.
Hey at least you don't call Florida's theme parks your home. Both Universal Studios and Disney World will increase their admission prices by 15%.
Oh,man now i cant go 1dollar,thats way too much (sarcastic cough here)!It doesnt matter I'll go along with SmartAce and blink,it doesnt matter the park is worht every penny!

What color are they psinting Raptor?And does anybody think CP will get an Arrow 4th dimesnion?
And in related news, today's Cincinnati Enquirer mentioned that Paramount's Kings Island will *NOT* increase admission this year.

Personally I had a laugh this morning when I read that, a newspaper reporting that there will be no change in ticket price.

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Okay guys...

Go on a day with Pepsi cans or something...

It will only be like $30 to get in!

Of course there will be more crowds though...
I too find it funny to hear people bemoaning a $1 increase. While I like to think of myself as a thrifty person, Cedar Point is a great value, as most good parks are, especially for those living close enough to visit the park and not have to stay overnight.

People come from all over the country and the world to ride Cedar Point's multimillion dollar rollercoasters. They pay some pretty big bucks for travel and accomodations.

Since when is it bad for a park, or any busines for that matter, to maximize their profits. We are not talking about withholding drugs from the dying here. Everyone who enjoys Cedar Point will also want them to do well financially to keep the park prosperous. *** This post was edited by Jim B. on 1/19/2001. ***
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If you look way back in CP history, the park as always bumped admission by at least a dollar each season. Chalk this one up to standard operating procedure.

Scott W. Short
Who doesn't expect an increase in admission every year, especially with an attraction such as MF? As for The Beast Machine, read my response under the MF vs. SD story.
Well, at least CP's pops are less than certain SF and Paramount parks. :)

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