Cedar Point is working on Gatekeeper's restraints

A piece of good news. Tony Clark of Cedar Point confirmed that the restraints on Gatekeeper is being worked on -- they lock you in and hurts your collarbones.

Here's Twitter stream:
I checked the numbers... #GateKeeper should get its millionth rider in the next few days. Will it be you?
7/15/13 7:39 PMmarvmiller
@TonyClarkCP And the number would be higher if the park loosened the collarbone restraints. Even my kids complained about it.
7/15/13 8:17 PMTonyClarkCP
@marvmiller They are working on that, actually.
7/15/13 8:33 PMmarvmiller
@TonyClarkCP Wow, you all are awesome! Responsive to customers. Looking forward to revised restraints.
7/15/13 9:13 PMccderek94
@TonyClarkCP @marvmiller so glad that your working on that!! Lost feeling in my arms when I rode it haha
7/15/13 10:37 PM

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Didn't realize this was an issue. No problem on Gatekeeper or Wild Eagle.

I think I'm not as restraint-sensitive as most.

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I haven't had any issues. But I have the natural padding of a stereotypical coaster enthusiast. :-)

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I view this as good news. For me, the shoulder restraints' one-way ratcheting was at worst uncomfortable and at best distracting. I didn't mind it so much during the ride itself, but it was pretty annoying when the trains stacked. I just wanted out of the thing at that point.

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This is really exciting news! I rode Gatekeeper three times the day we made it to the park this summer, and I had uncomfortable marks on my skin after the third time. I didn't have any problems on Wild Eagle either. I wonder if they are going to change the material, or just make them more loose?

I will say that they aren't as bad as maverick. I usually have either bruises or raw skin if I ride it too many times in one day. Stupid bony shoulders and collarbone

Oh great!!!! I can't wait to see some type of seat belt added to it next week that prevents anyone riding with a 20 inch waist or bigger along with no one being able to ride a with any type of chest, or anyone over 55 inches!

On to a serious note, I heard about the restraint problem before riding it. When I first rode, during the ride, it didn't feel bad at all, I have been in WAyyyy more uncomfortable carnival ride restraints than that. But I did notice the tightness at the end, and I can see why some people might have problems after the need for bigger breathes at the end of an exciting ride, or if the trains stack in the sun.

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I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't have a problem with the current restraints. I actually really like them. Now if Tony said they were working on Maverick's restraints, I'd be rejoicing. That is one coaster I would ride much more often if the restraints didn't suck.

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I didn't really have a problem with the GK restraints either. I think the early consensus was that they were a problem for marathoning, but otherwise they were only a minor annoyance unless you had a unique physique. I agree that Maverick's restraints could use an overhaul.

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I did have somewhat of an issue with the restraints, particularly on media day. So I had been riding it a bunch already, which probably didn't help the cause. But there were definitely a few rides where the restraint was retracting extremely tight to the point where my arms were going numb.

I haven't had the problem since, but now every time I ride I spend half the time worrying about how to keep some room to move. Glad to hear they're looking into it I guess.

I call Cedar Point my home park even though I live in the Chicago Suburbs.

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The comparison to Maverick is somewhat apt. By the end of that ride, the lapbar has usually tightened on me considerably, and the additional minutes added by bad stacking are really unwelcome. For Gatekeeper, if the shoulder restraints locked upon leaving the station and didn't move one way or the other from that point on, I'd be fine with it.

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The only time I've ever had a serious issue with them, is when we got stuck on the brake run for 45 minutes+ and had to be evac'd. They had crushed down on me so tightly that I was eagerly anticipating pulling into the station and having them released, but it never happened, and I was feeling it.

Even then, it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't something I'd sign up for.

On media day I was hitting about 260 lbs, sadly, so I was a "row 4" guy all day. (there were bigger guys than me in the other rows, but I guess I carry my weight 'in my stomach' ;-) and the restraints just wouldn't close enough for me there)

So, there in row four I only noticed uncomfortable tightness when we were stacked, after the ride. There was plenty of that, too, as the reporters took extra time in the station, so a wait on the brakes was the norm. My arms and shoulders didn't take it so bad, that I noticed, but I had a hard time drawing the deep breath I needed. It was really tight, so this would be welcome as far as I'm concerned. That whole lovely day i only rode the ride four times.

Side note: after my embarrassingly painful experience I took charge and went back to the gym and fixed my diet. So far I'm 20 lbs down, and my Kings Island "test" last Friday was a success. Thank god, I needed my hobby back not to mention some kind of value for my platinum pass. My goal is another 20 by the end of summer, so fall riding will be worry free.

I have a Cedar Point date with the fellas scheduled for mid August. I'm looking forward to the front and last rows of Gatekeeper.

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It depends on your body type. It seems like if you're tall, more pressure. If you have some padding to help keep the restraint up, less pressure.

I'm 5'10" with a 48-50" chest, and I only suffered mild discomfort toward the end of the ride and on the brake run. I can see how it would be a lot worse though for anyone whose collar bones would be pushed harder up into the restraint.

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RCMAC said:

but I guess I carry my weight 'in my stomach' ;-)


and my Kings Island "test" last Friday was a success.

I know a few CoasterBuzz threads you should be replying to. :D

The restraints were only 'bad' for me on media day when I rode GateKeeper nine times -- I actually had red marks on my collar bone the next day. For one or two rides, it's endurable for me but I'd still prefer if they locked in one position upon dispatch. The vest kills some of the forces on the second half, and is particularly annoying if there's any amount of waiting to get back into the station.

As for Maverick, I wrote a post about that a few months ago. I guess depending on one's height and where those restraints hit your body, it can still be a problem. For reference, I'm 5'8".

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The problem with locking the straps upon dispatch is that people will push on the straps prior to dispatch in order to have some wiggle room during the ride. Magicians do the same thing when performing a straightjacket escape.

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Nine times? Niiiine times....

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X-Flights restraint vest tightens up as the ride goes thru the course. Last time I rode I felt like Icouldn't breathe it was so tight. It starts loose when going up the lift and as soon as the train turns over for the drop it's tight.

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I haven't been on any of the wing riders, but I'm a little baffled as to why B&M wouldn't just put their typical OTSRs on these types of coasters. Do they get in the way of maneuverability on the ride? Too restrictive for a true flying experience? It just doesn't make much sense to me.

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There is no head banging with the vest. I like it way better than the restraints on an invert, stand up, or floor-less. There is the tightness, but it's not unbearable.

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I'll take rubbed collarbones over head banging any day.


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