Cedar Point advice!

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Rather than exiting the Ohio Turnpike (I-80) at Elyria/Route 57, I'd recommend staying on until the Baumhart Road exit (135). There's major construction on that stretch in Elyria right now, and traffic is a real problem turning left onto Route 2, at any time of day.

For Baumhart Rd, you just turn left off the exit, go north on a few miles of country road, and turn left again onto Route 2. I think it costs 50 cents more than getting off at Elyria, but it avoids a headache.

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Listen to the bird. I made the mistake of getting off at Elyria a few weeks ago, and whatever time it saves normally, we wasted sitting in that awful, awful, awful, awful traffic. In fact, I'm pretty sure we battled it for a good 35 minutes or so, just sitting there.

Definitely continue on to Baumhart. I live very close to Elyria and even without construction I make a point of completely avoiding the area they are directing you to exit in. It's a major traffic headache even on good days and a high accident area. Baumhart is the way to go.

Wow! You guys are simply amazing! I appreciate everything you guys are doing for me! If any of you are up at the park the 18-20th, id love to catch a ride or two with you!

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Yes it was New london ohio, and Freedom Valley. Sorry for the mistake. I have only been there once. But, as for time, it takes only 30 minutes to get to Cedar Point from there. And, Norwalk is in between the campground and Cedar Point, so Norwalk is even closer, maybe a 15 minute drive to Sandusky. But, getting through Sandusky can take a while on the 250, in the morning, as most people are either heading to work, or to the park. When Mean streak opened, we waited 3 hours in traffic just in Sandusky. Most of which was waiting on the causeway.

As for the hotel business. Hotels that are going out of business usually sell their unit a lot cheaper than what they paid for it. And, with so many hotels available, selling one is probably a lot harder than those companies who buy land, and build new. Also, Hotel chains usually don't put a for sale sigh on their building, they usually list in their industry, and advertise to people who invest there. Or, they purchased by another chain.

A lot of hotel chains are also managed by a single umbrella corporation, that owns many different types of companies, and buy and sell properties without anyone knowing it happens. Like a hospital that is suddenly under a different name. In Michigan,(for example) Spectrum Health is buying up hospitals left and right. And, my old doctors office, which used to be Advantage health, is now owned by Mercy Health. Without the doors ever closing.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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