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As I mentioned over there, the comparison between sharing a meal plan and Fast Lane is not valid as far as I'm concerned. You obviously cannot share a seat on a ride cycle (which is what FL/FLP provides access to), but you can of course share your fries with whoever you like.

Get the All Day Dining Plan, and head over to Panda Express, where you'll get an excellent value compared to most places in the park.

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I completely agree with both of you. You can't stop someone from sharing food.

"Hey, you want a bit of my funnel cake?"


"STOP! CP POLICE! Food sharing is strictly prohibited under article 7564456.1717177 of the ORC - You're outta here!"

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Unsolicited advice time - a couple rides you don't want to miss other than coasters (aka, "flats"):

Cedar Downs

Calypso (aka Tiki Twirl)

The newer rides are great fun too, but these are rare classics you won't find many other places if at all....

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Raven-Phile said:

I completely agree with both of you. You can't stop someone from sharing food.

Yeah, but you'd hope in most cases people would follow the rules (or at least stick kind of close to them) even though they're totally unenforceable. I mean, Netflix can't stop me from ripping the DVD's that show up in my mailbox, but most people still don't do it. (Disclaimer, I have abused the heck out of an all-you-can-eat plan by sharing it with the whole family).

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Can we just have this debate on PointBuzz?

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Gotta love it when PointBuzz debates or jokes make their way over here.


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Yeah, it's a real hoot.

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As suggested, you need to ride Cedar Downs. There are only 2 other places in the world where you can ride this particular kind of carousel and from what I've read Cedar Point's is the only one still functioning as it was originally intended to on a regular basis.

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^Rye's moves FAST. Luckily, I've been fortunate to ride with the full horse movement...it's pretty special having the ops jumping on and off the platform.

Blackpool's was pretty much the same as Cedar Downs. Maybe a smidgen (tad, wee bit?) slower, but virtually the same.

So Blackpool's still races too? I had read that Rye's does sometimes but not all the time but was given the impression that Blackpool's horses were stationary. I've never been to either so I don't have first hand info.

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Paisley - Just had it confirmed that Blackpool's horses are no longer moving. Glad I got there before that development (sadly, after their Noah's Ark was no more). Never miss historical rides when you get a chance...

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Be advised that CP can get very crowded that at the time you're planning to visit. It's bsically the last week before school starts back up and all the families suddenly remembered that they never made the CP trip they promised to take over the summer. You might want to look into Fastlane. It's expensive, but if you're on a limited time budget.

Jeez! Didn't mean for everyone to get so heated! Thank you to everyone who is giving some awesome advice! I'm definitely planning on using the soak city entrance, for sure and packing my lunch! If I have any more questions I'll post em, but thank you everyone! You're comments are greatly appreciated!

Who's heated? This has been quite pleasant, really.

You could've asked your question over at PointBuzz where they'd still be giving advice and debating the answers a month after you got home....

Haha I guess you're right! I'm glad I came to the right place!

Here are my plans so far! We're gonna stay at Breakers Express and get the 3 day ride/slide package for 422$ with tax included. We're gonna head up from Pottsville, Pa to Sandusky around 5am! The drive is an estimated 6hrs $ 10 minutes. We're gonna drive straight out so hopefully we'll get there around 1pm-3pm. We're gonna check in and head to soak city to hang out & relax after the long drive! Then just enjoy our nights!

Question: does the ride/slide ticket work like a hopper pass? As in can I go to soak city for a little while then go into cedar point later at night?

I am 99% sure you can go to both parks on one day and then both parks the next if you wish. If you're arriving at 1-3PM, Spend a few hours at Soak City during the hottest/busiest part of the day and then head in to CP around 7 or 8. A lot of people clear out the last couple hours and you can get some good riding done - especially on higher capacity rides like Magnum, Raptor, and Gatekeeper. The next morning, get in at 9AM through the Soak City gate and conquer Maverick and Millennium Force before the rest of the crowd arrives. If you get those two done before 10 and you see Dragster testing, hop in that line and try to ride it before the masses get in the park and before it breaks (it does often). :) Then work your way from the back of the park to the front.

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I think you get a ticket for a day at Soak City and then separate one(s) for CP, so no hopping.

It's been years and a change in management since I was there though, so I could be wrong.

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I'm platinum pass and I've only been to Soak City a couple of times, but I do remember leaving (to grab a smoke outside the gate or run to the truck) and coming back in. There's a handstamp, just like C.P. so I don't see why you couldn't. Except for the multiple costume changes.

And if you have 3 day ride n slide then, if I understand it right, there should be three tickets for each park, right?

You're right! I just called breakers express and the woman said that I'll get 3 tickets for CP and 3 for Soak City. She also said I could pick up the package at 8am!

You should just be ableto get ahand stamp from eitherpark to go back in though you would have to be careful about the CP stamp washing off in Soak City I guess if you were therefor along time. We've gone from CP to Soak City then had luch/dinner and gone back to CP before.

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