Cedar Fair to acquire Michigan's Adventure

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Cedar Fair has announced today that it has reached an agreement in principle for the acquisition of Michigan's Adventure Amusement Park, located near Muskegon, Michigan.

For details, check out the press release at Cedar Fair's website.

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There is also a detailed article that appears in todays Muskegon Chronical which includes interviews with Roger Jourdan of MA and Brian Witherow of CF;


According to the article, it appears as though a steel coaster is in the works for 2002!
GOOD!!! This is great, now MA will have more great coasters to look forward to.

CP in 2002, get to the point
I think this was a mistake for Cedar Point to take over Michigans Adventure because were will they be getting the money to add some new rides & coasters for Michigans Adventure? Instead of buying park use the money to invest in new coasters & rides for other Cedar Fair's parks.
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I've got mixed feelings about this. For starters, I'm glad to see that park will continue to operate. In fact, MA is probably the one park I'm glad to see get corporate-ized. Hopefully the park will see more of the infrastructure improvements (food, restrooms, etc.). On the other hand, I hope CF does't 'improve' ST, but maintain it. Maybe having three CCI's in the stable now will change some ideas about wood in Sandusky. :)

That article states that Jourden decided to retire. I wonder if the park was still carrying some debt load from ST, the Mouse, and the other general improvements from the last few years.

Scott W. Short
Everyone seems worried that there won't be enough money to go around all the CF parks. If you look they spent less than a third in new "stuff" this year compared to 2000. A purchase was on it's way it was just a matter of who. They spent close to $90 million last year in improvements that's an average of $15 million per park including MA. All the CF parks will be just fine.
Nearly everyone I've talked to so far has been tearing CF to shreds... Personally, I can't wait to see what they do with this park! I've said it before, I'll say it again: That place has wicked potential!

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Although I've never been to MA, it does look like a great park. With Cedar Fair taking over, things can only get better imo. I think this is great for the park. Hopefully CF will give it some attention coaster wise, although with ST I doubt they'll need too much. ST alone looks like it's worth a trip to the park. Peace. :)
They better keep away from Shivering Timbers. I don't want CF to even touch it. It is great the way it is! I can't wait to see what the future holds for MA! Maybe I will finally have a huge park near my home! (Still 3 freakin hours)

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How far is it from the Canadian Border?
It seems like Michigan's Adventure could be considered a mini-CP in a way. It's on a lake, in a similar climate. They'll be good at utilizing all that space I'm sure.
I think that was a good move. Why not have one of the top-rated wooden coasters too.
Sweet deal for both parties, CF grows and MA gets bigger and better adventures. Doubt they paid more that $25M for the park.

How's Titan?
It was a heart felt article about the owner. He seemed a bit upset. Wife seemed to tell him to let go of it. He wanted to leave it to his kids.
He seemed very passionate about his park.He's only in his 50's doesn't seem ready to retire.
The article said "he was approached by Six Flags" kind of glad he didn't sell to them.
And that is steel coaster would be produced next season. Although, Cedar Fair seemed a bit tight lipped about.
Sweet! Maybe they'll intstall some trees.

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I think this is great. CF will take good care of MA, and they will improve the park.

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i hope cedar fair dosent drain tradition out of the park like they are to knotts berry farm
In regards to distance from the Canadian border: I assume you mean the eastern border at Detroit and that's probably about a 3-4 hour drive depending on how I-94 traffic/construction is. From the Sault I couldn't even venture a guess.

I'm also happy that CF aquired this park rather than SF and I think the benefits will far outweigh the negatives to this situation.
I agree with most everyone else. Although I have never been to MA I will be going there next year when they put in that new steel coaster.=) I have been to Dorney before and after Cedar Fair took it over. I'd say overall they have done a good job updating it. They did remove some of the old rides that I thought should have been preserved. Especially the dark ride. They replaced that with Camp Snoopy or whatever they call that children's play area. They have definately put in some good coasters, and thats my main reason for going to a park. I am glad to see that Cedar Fair got it instead of Six Flags.

Now we can start speculating what that new Steel Coaster will be. I am guessing an Intamin or Morgan Hypercoaster. Its seems thats the first coaster that Cedar Fair installs when they take over a park.

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