Cedar Fair Maxx Pass Limited Time for cheaper price

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Just saw this for the first time, so please forgive if this is old news. But I was checking out the Cedar Fair Maxx Pass pricing on Cedar Point's web site, and apparently the $125 price that is being offered on all the sites is only for a limited time thru mid November. Guess I'll be getting my pass before then! I wonder how much it will be after that.................


Traditionally, CP's "fall prices" have been $5-$10 less than the "regular" prices. Exceptions are parking, which goes up more like $20, and the free Joe Cool that they throw in with the top-priced pass.

So, if you're only looking for the ride park passes, you'll save a little, but not a lot, and if you have to pay interest on the purchase for any reason, you'll do better to buy them when you have the cash.

Anyone know when 2007 passes for WoF will be available? Will the Maxx pass be the same price there as from CP or any other CF park?

I'm waiting for the news out of WoF as well. They've traditional been one of the cheapest passes out there.

It's funny how the individual passes at the parks vary greatly in price while the MaxxPass price is the same from park to park- haven't they all come in at 125.00 so far?

What sucks is the parking. Living in Columbus I have the opportunity to visit C.P. and K.I. equally and I've always had a pass at both. As I understand it the MaxxPass will only offer parking for one park, the one where you make your purchase. I'll probably get my pass at C.P., but then I'll have to pay for parking at K.I every time I go. Granted, I'm saving the price of a season pass at the second park, but still being able to purchase parking for both parks would be great.

If K.I. still offers free 2007 parking to those if us with 2006 passes, it would be more economical to get my MaxxPass there, but then I'd lose my Joe Cool and still have to pay for parking everytime I visit C.P. (which probably happens more often that K.I.)

Also, according to Cedar Point's website only single vehicle decal parking passes will be available for 2007, not good for those of us who have 2 cars.


I guess this is a concern only for those of us that live in Ohio.

Buy one of your passes at CP, another at KI. :)

Problem solved, with a parking pass add-on for both (for a bit more cash, granted)

Is the Maxx and Parking passes good for this fall though?

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I'm going to put in my 2 cents even if it gets me ripped apart. I'm pissed about the price of the pass and the parking pass. I really don't think $125 is that bad of a price when it gets you everything, However, I think it is bull that I have to pay $125 when Joe Schmo a few states over gets it for $89. If you are going to have a all park pass then I think all parks should cost the same no matter where you live.

As for the parking pass, it is also bull that it can't be on your pass. I think it should be on your pass if you want it. I'm paying for it, I should get it how I want it. I would also be happy if they had a parking pass that you could buy for all the parks.

I think it is bull that I have to pay $125 when Joe Schmo a few states over gets it for $89.

'twas always thus in Cedar Fair *and* Paramount. WoF has had the cheapest CF passes for quite some time (ride only and ride+water park), and I paid about $20 less for my PCar pass than PKI would have charged.

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Joe Schmo a few states over (for instance)lives in SoCal, where the cost of living is, well, silly. He's gonna pay more cause the park can charge more cause the same "dollar" is *worth* less. Nothing's ever gonna change that. And SF, with most of its park near big cities, DID in fact charge $15 to park in the lots of a majority of its parks....and people paid it.

If you offer more, you can charge more. If you live where its expensive to live, you can charge more. If you *can* charge more, and don't,. you're leaving money on the table. CF doesn't do that, the accountants use up black ink the way their SF counterparts do the red... ;)

edit: Chainwide passes. They'd only sell in Ohio. Since the chain, OTHER than the Ohio parks, won't really be selling "Maxx passes", then expect to see the Ohio market *drive* the need for chainwide parking passes as well. You'll have them. Two or three years tops. ;)

P.S. Crystal ball says "try again later" when I ask about pass sticker or window cling. WWgD? Pass sticker. But that's me... ;)

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I would imagine that the Maxx pass for WOF will be about $89. We are guesstimating that the regular pass will go up this year (it has been steady the last two seasons) and will be around $65-$75 with the Maxx being an extra $10 or so like the other parks.

I wish the Maxx pass included OOF though. ;)

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Gator said:
If you offer more, you can charge more. If you live where its expensive to live, you can charge more. If you *can* charge more, and don't, you're leaving money on the table.

:) :) :)

I'm beaming with pride.

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^ Thanks Dad! ;)

Can I still say that completely *unrestrained capitalism* in its purest form is bad for virtually every life form on the planet, including humans? :)

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You can hate the game all you'd like, but at least you're admitting you know how to play...and play it well. :)

Worlds of Fun Season Passports are avaiable online now.


I will be ordering mine very soon.

Fever I really enjoy the Simpsons. It's just a shame that I am starting to LOOK like Homer.
Looks like the WOF/OOF free lunch is over and $165 is what the Maxx Plus will cost after Nov 15th in Ohio.

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Cedar Fair has just made one of the most Stupidest moves ever. No mater how you put it when you pull up a web site and there are 8 different types of season passes to choose from it is sure to confuse people. I bet the Season Pass sales will be down next year across the board. The average guest will be confused and will not purchase a season pass just because it is too hard to study the 8 different options that are available to choose from to determine which one is best for them. Also considering that only have handful of people will purchase the MAX or MAXX Plus passes it is not even worth it for them to sell such a pass. They would be better off just having the regular pass included all other CF Parks. Then they can market the pass saying that it gets you into not just this park but 12 other parks. *** Edited 9/18/2006 11:30:21 PM UTC by carlo18***

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Did I miss something or does Valleyfair not offer a parking pass?

And does anyone know for fact that the listed prices on WoF's site already include the $10 discount? In other words will the pass cost $75 now and $85 after November 10th, or $85 now and $95 after November 10th?

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^I emailed Nick, we'll see what his reply is.
The prices are fixed on the WOF site now to show the savings price.

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