Can you guess these defunct park aerial view location

Not that you're wrong about Bitter Lake and that the park's name was Playland. But, I have to add that the city Playland used to exist in was called Shoreline, WA. I recognized the Shoreline Community Center and parking lot right off the bat in the photo! The Dipper used to stand just south of the center and tennis court. Whenever I go there, I let out a silent wimper for a park I never got to see and for a coaster that will always be an ominous mystery to me. :(

Looks like I saw this post too late in getting the answer. LOL. Oh well.

Skyrocket1 said:
No. 8 is Bitter Lake Playland, north of Seattle, Washington. The coaster was Dipper, designed by Carl Phare (according to RCDb). *** Edited 1/22/2008 4:08:25 AM UTC by Skyrocket1***

Roller Coasters of The Pacific Northwest

Sawblade5 said:
Finally found the landmark and yes it's Wedgewood Village in OKC. The pool is at 35°32'23.84"N 97°35'37.27"W

You can see that same swimming pool in this aerial of Wedgewood Village.

How interesting that they still utilize that pool in those apartments. I wonder how many people that live there know that?

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