Can you guess these defunct park aerial view location

I put together a little visual trivia for our resident history buffs out there. These are all birdseye views I captured from Global Earth.

Although it's sad to see these parks gone, it's also fascinating to visualize these locations as once popular amusement parks. At least 4 of these locations were operating during the 1980's.

The two things all the locations have in common is that they had a wooden roller coaster and they are all located in the US. Ready?








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#2 is obvioulsy Eldridge Park and per the teletale box.

Chris Knight

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Also the pages are missing.

Chris Knight

#4 and #5 look like Idora Park, #5 seems to still have some charred wooden remains as well.

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#5 - Chippewa Lake, OH?

#7 - Springlake Park, OK

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#3 is Lakeside in Salem, VA

Damn Flood of 1985...

No I don't have a kid, but I still want to ride!

#4 is Idora Park

#5 is Mountain Park in Holyoke, MA


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OK, you guys got half of them. So far we have the correct ones as #2 Eldridge Park, #3 Lakeside in VA, #4 Idora PArk, and #5 Mt Park.

So, that leaves #1,#6, #7 & #8.

A couple hints. One of these remaining 4 had a Fred Church Bob's. One had a Harry Baker coaster.

Would picture 8 be Boardwalk and Baseball?

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2009 - Walt Disney World Attractions.

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#6 is the one with the bobs called Waukesha Beach in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Chris Knight

that is not correct on #8. And your guess is thousands of miles off...hint, hint :)

Sawblade5 said:
#6 is the one with the bobs called Waukesha Beach in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Excellent!!! Waukesha Beach is one of those often overlooked parks, and with a couple great woodies to beat.

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I got the Baker Coaster found. The picture number is #1 and It's Crescent Park in Riverside, RI a part of Providence, RI.

Chris Knight

No. 8 is Bitter Lake Playland, north of Seattle, Washington. The coaster was Dipper, designed by Carl Phare (according to RCDb). *** Edited 1/22/2008 4:08:25 AM UTC by Skyrocket1***
Alright, you guys are too good. Yes, #1 is Crescent Park and #8 is Bitter Lake.

That leaves poor ole #7.

Here's a hint. The pool you see pictured in that photo, was the same pool (slightly redesigned) at the amusement park.

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That hint didn't help me.

Chris Knight

LOL, OK, one more hint on #7.
Moosh was in the area with his guess.
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I was a bit west of the mark, wasn't I? ;)
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Finally found the landmark and yes it's Wedgewood Village in OKC. The pool is at 35°32'23.84"N 97°35'37.27"W

Chris Knight

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