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At G. Lake on Monday, we were told by a ride op to put our camera away. She said you were not allowed to take pics in the station? WHY? They were for personal scrap book use, and it was from the station, not while boarding or on the ride. This sounded weird to us, as it was never a problem elsewhere, so we asked 2 security guards. They never heard of not being able to take pics like that. Their advice was to ignore it, and just go about things as usual on the other rides, unless we were told to stop. Has anybody else run into this, and if so what? Do they have a policy about picture taking and what is it?

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Not the first time I've heard of this happening at Geauga. Seems their rides department likes to tell people that when there's no such policy.
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Used to happen when it was SFWOA too.

It is park policy.

I see no pic policy here.

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Well, I was in the station of Mantis at Cedar Point a couple years back, waiting for the front car... with probably another group of 4 still ahead of us.

I was taking pics of Mantis climbing up the lift from in the station, and was told to put the camera away (after I got a couple good shots)... but I didn't argue or anything since I got the shots I needed... although I don't see anything wrong so as long as you have it put away before you get on the ride.

If all they said was put the camera away, my interpretation would be they are just wanting it secured before boarding, since picture taking is prohibited. If they don't say anything, the guest might feel inclined to keep it out during ride.
Here's the story we got from three guys from the No Limits development team who were at Geagua Lake the same day we were (we talked to them the next night at CP). They got yelled at for taking pictures in one of the stations and were told to put the camera away because Geauaga Lake reserved the right to those shots for "marketing purposes." Right.

All the No Limits guys were attempting to do was get more shots for research--which probably means they're putting stuff together for a future release down the road. Ole has said in print at some point that there will be a 2.0 release. Maybe it was for that. When my friend comes over today, I'll have to find out what coaster station they were in when they got yelled at, as I didn't hear it.

The KICentral crew (me included) were at GL last year and while in line for X-Flight, got yelled at for taking pictures/video. The crazy thing is we were not even in the station! We were at the bottom of the steps. We were several people away from the steps at that. They were actually yelling down at us to put the camera away! It was almost like we were taking pictures of some industry secret or something. I mean, they were just all over us! Never had that problem anywhere else except for at GL. *** Edited 7/14/2007 7:23:08 PM UTC by zosobeast***
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I have never encountered any problems but I have heard the same horror stories, especially around X-Flight.


People like to put tripods in the queue line and make people walk around them.
They do? I've never seen anyone with tripods in a queue.
Cedar Point and Geauga Lake have more pointless safety restrictions than any other parks I've been to. I was so tired of hearing a lifeguard nag everytime I got within five feet of the wall at the wavepool. And that was only one of about two-billion others.

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thepinkdoomofmonkeys said:
Cedar Point and Geauga Lake have more pointless safety restrictions than any other parks I've been to.

I guess you haven't been to Knott's then- it takes the cake for pointless safety restrictions. The park shuts down if it MIGHT sprinkle. It must be a Cedar Fair thing.

Dorney Park doesn't allow photography on their train rides, and their carousel is run very slowly. But other than that, operations and security are pretty efficient.

The park shuts down if it MIGHT sprinkle. It must be a Cedar Fair thing.

I think it's more that southern Californians believe they will melt if they get wet.

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Funny how Cedar Fair owns Kings Island, and yet I haven't been confronted by a ride op while I was taking pictures/filming in the station...

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Diffrent parks have diffrent policys. For example. Verbral "checks" at GL.
I was also told to put my camera away in X-Flight's station. The ride op told me that I wasn't allowed to take photos of any of the coasters in the stations.

I asked the ride op why I wasn't allowed to?
He told me because competitors come there to try and steal their ideas.
So I laughed, and said are you serious?
He told me yes, and that they wouldn't want anyone from Cedar Point coming and taking photos for ideas or to steal designs/mechanics of rides.
I said "But I thought you guys were owned by the same company as Cedar Point?"
He said we are, but we are in competition with each other.
I laughed again.

He obviously didn't know what he was talking about, so I just left it alone.
I think it's a pretty ridiculous rule.
I always love getting my pic taken while sitting in the trains on any coaster.
I have also never had this problem at ANY other park.

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Wow. More than anything, that makes me mad. Not sure why, but I always get mad when people are that unreasonable.
I have trouble believing Geuaga lake itself designed X-Flight. ;)

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