Busch Williamsburg named most beautiful park for tenth consecutive year

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The National Amusement Park Historical Association (NAPHA) has again named Busch Gardens Williamsburg the world's "Most Beautiful Theme Park." The award is based on a survey of NAPHA's members.

I wonder if this award has ever gone to Alton Towers?
I'm not sure if NAPHA is just a US organisation that only looks at US parks. I've never been to BGW, so all I can say is that Alton Towers is very pretty!
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Among the parks I've been to, BGW is the winner no contest. They've already got an advantage just because of the terrain, so take that and landscape it and you have an amazingly beautiful park.

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Must be a record of some sort. I'm sure it'll keep growing too. ;)

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg deffinatly deserves it. They just need another B&M to add to thier collection.
More like they needed to re-add that awesome arrow multi-looper that we all loved and miss to their collection
While I haven't been to Alton Towers. I have been to pretty much every park that would even come close to a runner up to BGW. I can say nothing compares to BGW it is by far my favorite park overall ever. I have yet to have a bad visit there...even in rain, crowds, etc. I just love the park, feel, and GREAT looks of it. Congradulations!

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Has Silver Dollar City ever won the award?
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I've been to BGW...its pretty but my vote goes to Bonfante Gardens.

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I loved the park when I went. It was so well done and looked amazing. I've just visited BG Tampa and i have to say Anheiser-busch (however it's spelt) have done an amazing job with both. Now only if they buy a park in England because England lacks a park like that. Well done to BGW for creating a great park and keeping it that way!
No argument from me, but Sea World Ohio was right up there before the sale. I always thought that park was landscaped nicer than just about any other one.

I would say it like this:

1.Disneyland Paris
2.Universal Port Adventura
3.Tokyo Disney Seas
4.Busch Gardens Williamsburg
5.WDW Magic Kingdom
6.Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
8.Alton Towers
9.Disney California Adventure
10.Islands of Adventure
11.Space World
13.Disney Animal Kingdom
14.Six Flags Fiesta Texas
15.Drayton Manor

Bonfante Gardens isn't on your list, Vertigo? Have you not been there or just don't consider it as beautiful? Just curious...


I went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg for the first time two weeks ago and loved it! It is by far the most beautiful park that I have been to, and they do an absolutely amazing job with the themes of the countries!
Not that I'm an expert on all the pretty parks on earth, but I find BGW to be breathtakingly beautiful. And now, with it a quick 15 minute drive up the road, I get to look at it all summer!

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I realy have to make it out to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I always have wanted to visit the park to just see how beautiful the park realy is. Maybe August for my last trip.

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Bonfante Gardens isn't on your list, Vertigo? Have you not been there or just don't consider it as beautiful? Just curious...

Yep, been to Bonfante Gardens(Gilroy, California if I'm remember correctly, about 30 miles south of the Bay Area), but what I count is landscape and theme. Bonfante Gardens is one of the most beautiful landscaped parks in the country like Visionland and Alaskaland, but I count theme and lanscaping together.
Although I've never been to BGW, I have been to Silver Dollar City and can't amagine a more beautiful park.
Congratulations to BGW again! It is truly an award well deserved.

And Vertigo, I just have one question: Did you miss the themeing @ Bonfante? It's everywhere!

I have to say I agree that BGW IS the most beautiful theme park, but Bonfante is a very close runner-up.


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