So my little bro is going to be an eighth grader this year, but last year, he was bullied the entire year by some eighth graders. He told the teachers and they pretty much ignored him. My parents emailed the guidance counselor about this and did not get a response back. Things died down and toward May/June things started up again. The teachers didn't really do anything and the guidance counselor basically called my bro a liar. The bullies were threatening to beat him up on the last day of school, and he told the teachers and no protection was offered. On the last day of school, he brought a metal rod with him, a classified "weapon". When they went to beat him up, he hit they guy in the head with the rod. I do agree that this was not the right choice on my bro's part, but what else was he to do? The school was negligent. I am pissed and guess what the guidance counselor is now at a different school with a PROMOTION! Even after she called him a LIAR! Now come on. Now my bro has to go to an alternative school, basically for criminals. He will not fit in there. He has excellent grades is involved in clubs, invloved in boy scouts and church. My parents hired a lawyer and are fighting this to keep him at his old school. We might sue.

What's your take on this?

As crappy as that is, I don't think a roller coaster forum will be the best place to get constructive input.

You may wish to speak to some of your community leaders, the school administration (ie the school board) and see if some sort of help can be saught.

Also, since your parents are seeking legal action, it's really not a good idea to talk about the issues in public until after everything is settled.

^ Yeah, what he said. That's a bad situation, but I'm sure there are other message boards that would be more appropriate for this. You're probably not going to get the info you're looking for on a roller coaster forum. Especially around here; better put on your flame suit.
John's right. This is an unfortunate situation, but not the best to talk about in public because of the possible law suit. Also, it's VERY off-topic here.

Now, to bring it closer to on-topic, let me see....The guidance counselor sounds like she wasn't doing her job well, and the same goes for the teachers. Sounds like Six Flags :)

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But, anyway, you're saying that your brother pulled an Arrow on the guy's head? Rock on. ;)

- John, who is trying to turn this toward coasters.

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It was a rod, not an arrow! Get it straight! ;) ;) ;)

<= notice the winky faces which mean sarcasm. Thank you

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-John, who thinks that making a joke about bullying is witty and intelligent.
Superitendents and Board of Ed members don't like to deal with issues like this because it sheds a "negaive light" on the district.

As soon as the bullying started, photos and documentation should have been collected. The you go the tecaher, guidance people, dean, principal, superintendent, and board members (in that order).

A metal rod is NOT a weapon. A weapon (in most states) is a device used to inflict pain and to hurt another person. (Switchblades, numb-chucks and hand guns fall into this category) A rod is used to support something else. If it was used to hurt another person, then it becomes an agent. (Similar to box cutters, baseball bats, and Barney video tapes)

If this is your brothers first offense, the punishment was harsh. Sadly, If you don't document your case, you don't really have one.

Richie - who doesn't mind an occasional topic diversion.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

But does your brother love coasters?
Listen to this! You post is way off topic but everything thats been posted in the last week is just mouth pieces looking to laugh at others.

I have no problems with your post at all. If everyone else had been staying on subject lately then I would have a problem with it.

Go into the recent posts from new 07 project at CP and tell me if your post is not welcome here.

I smell huge contradiction going on.

Coasterdiscen - I'm not laughing at anyone. I am not a mouth piece looking to laugh at others. If you look at my record, I pride myself on being polite. I'm just a guy who loves rides, who happens to teach in a school, who would like to help out Jeepguy and anyone else in this or similar situation.

Some of the best posts in the history of this site have (in my humble opinion) been "off topic."

I've seen a lot of bullying at parks by groups of (mostly teens) who use intimidation tactics in lines to move ahead. That's why I looked at this string in the first place. I thought I could offer a suggestion or two and so I did.

I hope nobody has a kid who is tormented by other children due to size, color, shape, health or beliefs. *** Edited 8/18/2006 9:11:11 PM UTC by Richie Reflux***

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

^^ Yea, the CP thread is probably a bit out of hand.

Speaking of bullying at amusement parks, check out my Hersheypark trip report from early August. We were being sort of bullied by a high school girl in line for Tidal Force. I should have just left the line and gotten an employee or security.

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Listen to this! You post is way off topic but everything thats been posted in the last week is just mouth pieces looking to laugh at others.

I am so sick and tired of these types of complaints. There are dozens upon dozens of other coaster forum discussion sites out there and they are ALL the same in that respect. I dare you to find a single one where people don't post joking remarks or occasionallly laugh at others. Believe me when I tell you that CBuzz is hardly the worst offender.

The harmless joking amoung many of us here is something I enjoy. This site would be a total bore if we were serious 100% of the time.

This may sound like me being an "uppity jerk" but if you don't like it here Coasterdiscern then maybe you should find another site to post at. The same goes for anyone else.

--end rant--

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I'm curious to know why your so upset Mamoosh?

You guys make jokes and then laugh at people. Theres nothing hard to understand here.

Are you trying to tell me you don't. Don't worry about it Mamoosh whats done is done.

Your little jokes and laugh don't bother me dude, I just say it how it is.

One more thing.

What does your name mean? "Mamoosh"

It struck me that you are Mr.adams from the adams family and festor came home and you guys did the mamooshka all night and you loved it.

Keep in touch.

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What is "the mamooshka"? Sounds like a dance.
It's over your head.
Do you like pancakes?

I sure like pancakes.

-Brent Kneebush

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It's over your head.

Then you must be talking about a babooshka, which is a type of scarf women wear over on their head.

Wow, this is the second "sensitive" topic I've seen on here recently. I don't know that this is the best place to bring these kind of topics in my opinion. It kind of all ties back to that one part out of the Terms of Service where it asks not to bring up topics like the cure for cancer unless it's related to riding coasters for the cure for cancer.

Unless someone is a qualified therapist or psychiatrist (just don't tell Tom Cruise you're seeking advice from one) I don't think this is the right place to look for help. All I can say is this is the kind of thing that belongs in People Magazine or on Inside Edition.

I feel for you jeepguy. Two students named Johnny and Rich came to there death early at my high school, one of them commited suicide and the other victim of murder.

My advice would be to pay close attention to your brothers feeling and emotions. Guide him through his tough times and you will face the mistakes he might make from being bullied so much.

Things can take a turn for the worse real quick, but if you stay close and help him you can eliminate those nightmares.

Remember, what doesn't kill him will only make him stronger.


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