B:TDK missing a couple bolts

I was at SFNE on July 22nd and from one of the Hurricane Harbor lines, I noticed Batman missing 2 bolts, out of only 4 for that particular piece. I couldn't find a good picture of B:TDK, so I used BTR and circled the 2 bolts that are missing. It's in the area near the interlocking corkscrews. I'm sure it's not a huge huge deal, but it could certainly turn into one, and it leaves me wondering about SF maintenance. There was also 1 bolt missing each from 2 different supports. Thanks to Joel Rogers and CoasterGallery.com for the photo.


Did you notify anyone at the park? If not why?
I meant to, and completely forgot. Hopefully an SFNE worker on here will be able to do it.
I was at SFNE this weekend too. I rode B:TDK for the firs time twice I felt safe to me.
I'm not saying it isn't safe... but if they're letting 2 bolts go missing, how long until a 3rd and 4th fall out, and who knows what else they are overlooking.
I don't think I've seen it on B&M's but Arrows usually had four holes at each juncture of track, Only two are used.

Im not saying your wrong but it might be NORMAL for those holes to be un-ocupied


So we're just assuming that two bolts feel out?

Did someone recently purchase a jump to conclusions mat?

I know that Patriot has atleast on missing bolt on its vertical loop due to a misplaced weld.

Prowler. Opens May,2 2009.

The two identical supports on either side of it had all 4 bolts in place.

VaRyda said:
I was at SFNE this weekend too. I rode B:TDK for the firs time twice I felt safe to me.

No offense, but if it DIDN'T end up being safe, you might not be around long enough to notice.

Please get up a real picture of the one at sfne, because that is an invert, the one at sfne is a floorless.

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Were the missing bolts laying on the ground near the support? Bolts don't go very far on their own. Interesting observation though.
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...missing 2 bolts, out of only 4 for that particular piece.

Take another look at that photo. You can clearly count four bolts on the ride side and two on the left. identical there means a total of 8 bolts hold the two pieces together.

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But its still 2 less bolts than intended!
I don't think it's a reason for concern. I don't think the SF maintenance people are so bad they'd be running a ride in jeopardy of falling apart.
No, They just let them sit for five years.

Flashback SFMM


Oh No!!!!!! What do we do?

Come on! No one, not even Six Flags would endanger a rider's safety by overlooking missing bolts. Like a few others said, maybe it's normal. No maintenance worker would think nothing of it if the bolts were actually on the ground. When bolts are that large, they don't go far if or when they fall out, so if they aren't on the ground by their probable location, there is no reason for concern.

Also, if you were to notify the park's office, you would probably get some sacastic, generic answer to your concern, and you will hear some laughing as you walk away.

I think it totally makes sense that they may be using a generic connecting plate, and the bolts weren't needed in those two holes. Come on, those bolts are big.

And if you were worried, why would you bring your concerns on here? No one on here is in any position of power to do anything about it. If you were so concerned, you should have gone to Guest Relations. They would have given you a form to fill out, which hopefully would've been passed onto maintenance.

Give the guy a break, he said in his opening post "I'm not sure if it's a huge deal" meaning he was just asking a question. I don't see the reason for a "jumping to conclusions" mat, I would wonder why 2 bolts were missing as well if there were empty holes...
The Great Bear at Hershey's been missing at least one bolt in the corkscrew for years. When going up the lifthill on the SDL and look to the right you can see the bolt holes.

Usually if holes don't quite align you can use a torch to open them up and fit bolts. By heating the steel it actually weakens it so B&M may not allow burning out the holes so they go unbolted.

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