BooBuzz 2008: Saturday, October 11

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^So that means you'll be at BooBuzz then? ;)

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Doesn't matter which weekend it is for me. I can't afford anything further than a 2-3 hour drive, so BooBuzz will be my only event (again) this year. Crappy food and all.

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The 4th was better for me. I guess my choice will be a bit easier now. Just can't afford to do both, even with the extra week between them.

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I'm finally going! I can't wait for real this time! Let do it! Who is going this year? I only have 5 credit to finish at Cedar Point:

1. Maverick (Planning to make it as my 75th Coaster)
2. Wildcats
3. Gemini Jr.
4. Iron Dragon
5. Gemini (Blue)

I'm pumped! I need to borrow a kid for Gemini Jr. since I'm a 6'2. Right?

I'm planning to stop at Kings Island on October 12th for the day if you're interested to join me as well. I may or may not go to Kennywood on October 10th... It depends on the cost of gas and everything... I will keep you posted.

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That's going to be a tight fit. Yes, you will need a kid, but even then you might have a hard time.

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I'm 6'2" and I fit on Gemini Jr. without too much difficulty. Not that I'll ever ride it again -- my daughter's outgrown it.

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Ask AVMatt about fitting on Jr. Gemini, hehehe.

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Mmmm I will ask away!
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Maybe Heyisnthatrob will let you borrow his little one.

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loriu said:Ask AVMatt about fitting on Jr. Gemini, hehehe.

The only better mental image I can muster is Barry Kumpf (of Lakemont) on Jr. Gemini....that guy made Matt look small, LOL.

Barry made an 8 foot albino look small? Dang.

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^I've already drafted Barry and Matt for my volleyball squad... :)

Re: "Darn...University of Michigan has a home game that weekend."

Considering how they've played recently, do you even want to go watch them?? :)

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So let me get this straight about the whole event speaking of morning wise... I am planning to be there all day anyway but I'm just curious about the morning.

This is from the event page:
-8:30 a.m. – Members purchase and pick up their tickets at Group Sales
-9:30 a.m. – Front gates open
-10-11 a.m. – ERT on Maverick
-4-5 p.m. – Catered meal (Stars and Stripes) at the Convention Center
-4:30-5 p.m. – Q & A session and Scavenger hunt awards ceremony

Note: The park will be open from noon to midnight.

Okay I got that... At 11 to 12:00 AM, is that where we join in with the hotel guests who have the early admission correct? What are the rides that is typically open to them during those times? Just curious.

This year will be my first year visiting haunted houses at the parks, it prob look pretty bad on my profile but I'm okay with that. I love haunted houses and I have been in several extreme horror haunted house in Indianapolis that has been recognized as the scariest haunted house in Indianapolis and in state of Indiana. So I survived with a big laugh.

Another thing I have question about, taking pictures in the scare zone with/without flash? Is that allowable or not? I am thinking about visiting Kings Island sometime within the next two weeks to see their "Haunt" during their operating hours. Just wondering for the Cedar Point part since this is BooBuzz Thread afterall. :-D

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Resort/Platinum ERT Rides:
-Planet Snoopy
-Iron Dragon

TTD may or may not open up early, it depends on when the crew gets her warmed up. It is not an official ERT ride.

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Thanks for the informaiton! :-D
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CoasterWarriors said:
Another thing I have question about, taking pictures in the scare zone with/without flash? Is that allowable or not?

I've never had a problem with using a flash, but I try to be entirely respectful about it. I also limit it to outdoor, free roam scare zones and not houses/indoors.

Ask the characters if it's cool (no one ever said no to me - many will pose for you) and don't just run around blinding them (they use the dark to their advantage) and don't stand around giving away their location waiting to take a picture. Things like that.

Common sense is key. Don't be ridiculous about it and you'll get lots of cooperation and some great photos.

Hello everyone. This will be my first Boo Buzz, I'm pretty excited.
I was wondering how many people show up for the ERT approximately?
I looked through the thread for info. Any other info for a first timer would be appreciated. Thanks!

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It varies by year, but let's just say we've not had any problem in the past riding a lot.

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Awesome. It's a perfect ride for ERT too. Maverick takes the elements at a perfect speed I think.

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