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I'm sad to see BooBuzz go, but I'm sure it might make a comeback in future years. Too bad it happens this year with the new coaster. We spent a lot of years riding Maverick and Millennium over and over for ERT.


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So there won't be BooBuzz, but keep Friday the 13th open in September.

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For a zombie gay wedding, I assume?

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I have noticed that a lot of groups are now combining events to reach the minimum number that the parks require for an event. I have also seen several that are sponsored by one group, but open to any coaster club without "guest" fees.

I have a feeling that this will be come the standard and not the exception in the future.

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When the Great Ohio Coaster Club holds an event that is not joint with any other clubs, all card carrying clubs, including CoasterBuzz, are welcome to come at the member rate. It has been that way as long as I can remember. The exceptions to that rule is the annual Holiday party and events that are joint with other clubs. Only GOCC members get the member rate at the Holiday party and when we have a joint event, only the joint clubs get the rate.

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Looks like the GOCC event details have been nailed down.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your opinion), the 2 ERT sessions are both Midnight - 1:00AM on Friday and Saturday.

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And I was mistaken about the exact details of who can come and when. I guess it has evolved a bit over the years. You need to be a member of one of the three listed clubs or go as a guest of a member of one of the three listed clubs. Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience.

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Hey Jeff,

How's about a little clue, what's going on for Friday the 13th?

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^^Ditto. Be nice if it's something I can get to..which I doubt :( . I'm already off on the 12th and 13th plus the weekend. The 12th is my birthday.

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Already off work the afternoon of the 13th. I just need to know if we leave for CP at noon or at 3:00

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So, you're making your own event? "Boo-Boz"

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^Would you prefer Boo Boes?

^Ah. You scared me.

rollergator said:

^Would you prefer Boo Boes?

Please, God, no...I thought torture was illegal in this country.

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I've heard certain media pundits saying that water-Boesing isn't torture.

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I heard the same thing. In fact, I hear that in addition to that, at Guantaboes Bay, they force inmates to read the trip reports forum for twenty-two hours a day until they talk.

Apparently, it's massively effective.

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Yes, but the ultimate form of torture is being forced to play wet tighty whitie twister.

I don't think Boes gets booed enough.

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That reminds me of a picture I saw awhile ago on google:

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