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I went to Kemah Boardwalk today on my visit with my mom. We went their to go eat and take pictures of the coaster. It looks awsome, we went on the backside of the coaster where the last of the wood was sitting there in bundles, very cool. Next we went and ate at Landry's which was good but a little pricy. The only two things left to be done on the coaster is a turn that has to meet up with the rest of track and what I am guessing is the block breaks.

Here are my problem with Kemah Boardwalk, I know this week is Memorial Day Weekend but, this place is really crowded and parking is a nightmare.

Overall this roller coaster is the most compact thing I have ever seen. Also on the left side of the lift is a house which is pretty sucky for the people living there. Finally this park is only about 40 minutes from Reliant Stadium. The best looking thing on the coaster is the helix like thing into the drop. Also I recomend getting an all day ride pass instead of paying 3 or 4 dollars a ride. I wont have pictures for a while but, just wanted to give people an update.

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No one lives in that house.
There was a guy mowing the lawn in front of the water, so but I guess he has another house.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

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In another Kemah thread it was mentioned that those homes are owned by the boarwalk and are offices, not residences.
Last time I saw someone mowing the lawn at that house it was Kemah Boardwalk groundskeepers. There is no one that lives there on a regular basis if at all.

To comment on your problem with Kemah Boardwalk parking and being crowded...well, you answered the reason yourself. It's a holiday weekend....simple as that. When I go to take my photos on weekends (which I've been doing since November now) I park in the lot across from the coaster with no problem. If I go later in the day on Saturday I might end up in the garage, but still have never had a problem parking on a normal non-holiday, non-special event day.

If you want to avoid crowds at Kemah, avoid the days where they have special events and avoid any holiday. Any other day you'll be fine. If you go on an event or holiday, just be prepared for crowds and tight parking.

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Kemah needs to release a grand opening date. Still undecided on my July 4th trip. Help Kemah...or GG!

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