Biking to Amusement Parks

Has anyone ever tried biking to an amusement park?

every year cleveland area has a huge bike to cedar point for charity
just yesterday I rode my bike to elitch gardens, nice easy 3 mile ride each way and next month I'll be biking my way to Lakeside. Of course living in downtown Denver does make it easy
My friend rode his bike to my house and then we went to Six Flags one time, does that count?

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PNE man, I have thought about biking to Playland, but I'm a bit concerned about leaving my bike in that neighbourhood for several hours. What has your experience been? (I live within a mile of the park and already had my car stolen once.)
I have biked to Canada's Wonderland before the park became surrounded with houses, and big box retail.
I used to ride my bike to Geauga Lake all the time. A nice lock and a nearby fence were my friends.

Of course this was in 1975 . . . ;)

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so motorcycles are allowed on the CP causeway? I dont ever remember seeing motorcycles parked at CP so I always assumed they wernt.

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I think the discusion is about bicyles, not motorcycles.

While I've never biked to a park myself, I am interested in the subject as I'm getting more serious about using a bike as transportation.

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well thats yet another thing, I thought bikes were not allowed either, along with Walking on the causeway.

Not sure if theres actually sign about motorcycles, but once you enter the causeway theres a sign that states no walking, and I was pretty sure it also listed bicycling as illegal on it as well. could be wrong, so was wondering if someone would clarify.

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You can bet if they tried to ban motorcycles from the causeway CP would have a serious lawsuit on their hands. Motorcycles, not talking ATV or Dirt bikes, are a valid form of motorized transportation that are given the same traffic laws as automobiles. Plus I am sure I've seen a motorcycle or two at CP when I have been there.

As for bicycling to a park. No I haven't done it and probably won't since the closest park to me is Clementon Lake Park and I'd worry about it being taken even if I had it securely locked.

I recently bought a bicycle and am getting back into riding. It's a health choice but what a great way to get back in shape. I have a goal in two years to complete the Philadelphia to Atlantic City charity ride. Only thing that could stop me would be riding across a bridge over the Delaware River since I am affraid of heights. *** Edited 5/30/2007 12:18:53 PM UTC by dragonoffrost***

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I use a bike for transportation around town and to work (unless I have to carry something heavy). But we've spent the last 50 years or more investing in an infrastructure that is completely hostile to any form of transportation other than a car. You have two big box stores across the street from each other but they're separated by about a mile of parking lot, a drainage ditch, and a 4 lane divided thoroughfare.

I guess it would be possible to bike to a few parks that are close to a neighborhood and are not surrounded by a 10 lane interstate. But I wonder how the parking lot dudes would handle it.

You may not be able to bike or walk up the causeway to CP but you definently could bike the Chaussee. It shouldn't be too bad for anyone who lives in Huron or maybe Sandusky. Vermilion or anywhere further would take some training. I think the bike Jar is talking about is a 72 mile round trip Berea to Cp and back.

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Isn't the Chausee a private road?
private roads usually just mean that it is maintained by the property owners themselves, which in turn lowers property taxes.

Yeah!!! Rollercoasters!!!! (my 2 year old as we see the first sights of the point on the causeway)
I thought I saw a sign telling people to keep off it unless you live there. Maybe I'm wrong. I drove on that road once a long time ago and nobody killed me.
I've been taking that road for 20 years its not private. Why would CP maintain a parking toll booth at that entrance if that road was only open to people who live there. I love driving up that road on the way to CP and its the quickest exit if they leave the gate by the toll booth open.

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So how much would a park charge you for parking a bike? Free parking but $10 to rent the pole you wrap your chain around? :)
I am pretty sure that pedaling your way tp CP is out. Cycling falls under the pedestrian catagory. I have however ridin a motorcycle to CP, that is totally legal (automotive catagory). You can have special parking up front on the left side of the road near raptor. Thing I found interesting is that you can easily fit 3 bikes in one space but it is still $10 ???
You can ride a bike to MIA. It is very easy to from where I live. Only a 30 minute bike ride. People always get droped off on the street and just walk right through the parking lot.

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