Big Annoucement Busch Gardens Africa Coming Sept 6th

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I got this email in my box stating that there's gonna be a big annocement of the new area that they're building (Possibly a Hyper Coaster?). It is scheduled to be annouced on September 6, 2007 at 10:30 a.m EDT and will be posted to their site at . Just giving you guys the heads up in case you are not on the BGA mailing list.

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Do you really think they'd invite the president of the Busch conservation fund and VP of zoological operations if it was a coaster?

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Well, since I have no previous experience with that type of deal with Busch, I just don't know.

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Plus there is a leaf, bamboo and black/white fur in the graphic. Knowing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about this area, I'd have to say pandas will be involved solely based on that web page! :)
^Um its in the name, Africa. There are no Pandas in Africa. Also that white and black fur, its striped, not spotted. You know what has stripes? White Tigers. So going off that graphic that would be my guess.

Edit-There are no tigers in Africa. However most of the public doesnt know that. *** Edited 8/31/2007 12:45:26 AM UTC by Touchdown***

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There ya go! Like I said, I didn't really even think about it. I just used the graphic clues. You were smarter. :)
Just looks like a generic BGA graphic to me--don't read into it so much. Besides, the park already has white tigers... would they really make a big deal if they were renovating their habitat? Me thinks not.
Man, you are all so close. If you put together all the clues it is pretty obvious...They are putting in Hyper Zebras! They are probably similar to the Chris Rock character in Madagascar. Sorry if I spoiled the surprise.
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^Now how would you feel if thats what it really turns out to be? ;)
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Jeff said:
Do you really think they'd invite the president of the Busch conservation fund and VP of zoological operations if it was a coaster?

Stranger things have happened. They DID install a B&M dive coaster afterall. ;)

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Tiger Rally.

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It sound like they are planning an "ambitious area enhancement."
Well, assuming this is going in the old Python area that has been fenced off for about a year now (which I think it's pretty safe to say that it will be), the park has already disclosed that it will be an animal attraction, so if you had your hopes up for another coaster then you'll be disappointed.
I think with the current construction to the Congo area, a new coaster isn't in the works for at least a couple years. BGA has spent a lot of money in the last two to three years, with Sheikra, the floorless conversion, and the overhaul of Congo.

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The park had a pretty decent Tiger display (I think it's been removed), I wonder if Busch execs took a nice tour of Great Adventures and Animal Kingdoms set-up.

It would be neat if they added a nice Tiger-themed Hyper in the next couple of years, and they could call it "Predator" (a used name, but a good one)

Of course, who knows what even this news will bring, it's all purely speculation and dreaming.

there are no tigers in africa either
^They already have a tiger "themed" coaster... Gwazi "Tiger", lol.
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"Gwazi" is a mythical lion with a tiger's head, so I guess you can give them a pass on it. At least part of it lives in Africa.
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Gwazi is bi...continental. :)

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I really don't think we'll see a new coaster right now, but I'm sure future expansion of the area beyond 2008 will include major attractions. Most likely it'll include a flat or two - perhaps some family attractions, some new eateries and shops, new animal exhibit, and just general establishment of a new area. I don't know about other people, but that's pretty exciting for me. :)

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