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I know that most all parks offer discounts & specials. Most of these are local to the park. How do you find out about what discounts other then the ones on the park websites?

It would be great to have a network where we could share the discounts from our home park area with those traveling to it from far distance.

I have found out that for BGW, they have an offer with Food Lion for get adult admission for kid price. That is a $10 savings and for my family of 4 is $40. Now we are talking real money. They also have an offer for surrounding states for a children's summer reading program & save 30%.

I have also been looking at Darien Lake. Depending on when we go, I could buy a season pass for $50 and bring up to 4 others for $12.99 ea. For our family of 4 that would be $89 for the day compared to $104.

AAA also has a lot of discounts for parks. So far I have found Kennywood for $21. Waldemeer Park/Water World for $19. Hershey Park for $41.95. Kings Island for $28 and Cedar Point for $36.50.

Post the best deals that you have found.

In Louisville Kings island tickets can be found for $22-$23 at Kroger, Meijer, and a lot of local credit unions. Kings Island box is about half way down on the right. Its a link to buy an eticket for 22.

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AAA in williomsburg has $11 off tickets for busch.

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Thanks Joe, that is exactly what I was talking about. While I have a CF platinum pass, I am sure that others will appreciate the savings at KI.

There would be know way for someone from outside the area to find these. That one for instance does not require you to be part of the CU.

Many park and recreation commissions sell summer discount tickets to parks and other venues. You don't have to be a resident to buy the tickets either. As an example, here is a price list from a township rec commission located near my office.

It's mostly PA and Mid-Atlantic sites, but includes all the Anheuser-Busch locations. Definitely worth checking into in your own town or school district.

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I am so glad I posted this. RatherGoodBear, you just saved me $40. We are planning to go to Hershey Park this year and if we go this month and purchase the tickets through your twp, it will be $40 less then the best deal that I had prevously found.

Keep em coming.

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When I lived in PA, The Park and Rec Commission was the first place that I'd look. Cheap tickets, plus the added bonus of knowing that you are helping to pay for programs for kids.

Dave, I'll save you another 20 cents plus gas. If you go to a Giant store this month and buy Hersheypark tickets, they'll cost you $40.95. (The price will go up a few dollars more come July and August.) There are 2 Giant stores within 3 miles of the park. Muhlenberg township is 60 miles away.

Another hint for people is if you're a member of AAA, they usually offer discount tickets as well. But from what I've seen, their prices are not as good as other offers. The good thing about AAA, is you can usually buy your tickets in your local office ahead of time, and not have to worry about driving around looking for discounts once you get to your destination.

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Thanks again RGB. This is exactly what why I started this thread. With as many parks as we want to hit this year, I need all the help I can get $$$ wise.

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