Best and Worst Coaster to Marathon

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MF is a little rough on the cheeks after awhile. The seats are unforgivingly hard. While the motion of the ride is ideal for rerides, the bench burn sets in pretty quickly. I learned this in 2000 for some TV show shoot.

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I envy those of you who can ride multiple times in a row. I don't consider myself old by any means, but I just can't ride all day long anymore. At most park visits I feel completely destroyed if I do more than 2 coaster rides in an hour. On the plus side, I have learned to relax and enjoy more of the park this way.

And I should add that as a teenager, I would marathon my home park's Boomerang coaster for hours. Let that be a lesson to you younger folk: Marathoning on bad coasters will catch up with you later. Choose your re-rides carefully.

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Saddly, I have noticed that about myself too, Fun. I think I realized it during Coasting for Kids a few years back at Kings Island. I just couldn't bear to ride the Racer more than 4 or 5 times in a row. I was at the park recently, and I could only ride Diamondback and Beast a few times in a row before feeling ill.

Guzzling some water between rides seems to help a little.

It's very depressing to think that now that I am old enough to be able to afford more park excursions, I am also too old to enjoy the parks as much as I used to.

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I just enjoy them differently. I'm much more relaxed, I have more people to share fun times with (kids especially), and I don't feel like I *have* to do a bunch of stuff.

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I'm like that sometimes. I have offered that kind of advice to people here, especially when talking about IOA. Take it easy and don't rush because you might miss seeing some small detail that will make the experience all the better.

But when it comes to marathoning, I just don't have the endurance that I did when I was a youngun.

Of all the coasters I have marathoned/powerrode, Kumba was probably the easiest. Several years ago, I had 80+ rides on Christmas day.

i am not going to say worst. But will say the hardest would be Voyage. Although I love the ride and it is my favorite woodie, re-riding takes a toll on you. this year was much better. I managed 52 rides without getting off. That is the most I have ever had on Voyage.

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Seriously?! You must have more endurance then I have. Wowzers trowzers!

Tyler, I assume you never heard of RotorMan. You will eventually get "used to" the ride and will tolerate it better than if you went to one park per year.

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I go to usually 4-6 theme park days a year, except this year it's already at 7, and it's not even summer break yet. It'll probably get to about 20 this year. I'm starting to master the art of marathoning, but right now I can only get to about 15-20 rides on one ride in a row without paying the price.

Some might think i am crazy but I really like marathoning Maverick. I don't consider it a good trip to cedar point unless i get 15 rides in. Its an easy ride to marathon with fast lane if the park is not to busy since fast lane takes you right to the front.

You're insane. I consider myself a ride warrior, but I conider maverick a rough ride. First time I rode it, I thought it was the best thing ever, but now when I can anticipate the turns it just rough and kind of fun.

Gatekeeper is more my type because I like rides that don't lead to nausea. There were many complaints on opening day about Gatekeeper being to throw up yielding, but I'M fine with it.

Montu, Maverick, Batman the Ride, Afterburn, and Kumba are all rides that are fun to marathon, but are difficult to do so. Shivering Timbers is a ride that is awful to marathon and is difficult to do so. If I were to marathon any ride, give me my Beast!

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Wait, Tyler, you like the Beast? Why haven't you said so before? ;-)

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Tyler Boes said:

...many complaints on opening day about Gatekeeper being to throw up yielding...

Make. Hurt. Mine. Brain. Go. Ouch. This.

Carrie, I've had rants about how awesome the beast is many times before. It's second place on my list.

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For someone who wanted to start a trend using a symbol to denote sarcasm, you're not very good at detecting it.

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Vater, I did know she was using sarcasm. I was being sarcastic myself when I acted like I didn't know she was using sarcasm. Actually, YOU are the one who failed to detect my sarcasm.

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Silly me. Usually, humor is generally the expected result from a sarcastic comment.

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I forget, are we being nice to the new people or are we supposed to call them out in the interest of a better community?

I missed your sarcasm too, Tyler. I'm sensing a trend.

#But your posts are always enjoyable regardless.#

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A couple of people have mentioned Gemini as a good coaster to marathon. Someone should organize some sort of group outing where all everyone does is ride Gemini all day. Try to make it to 100 rides!

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