BeastBuzz 2014

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It's never too early to start thinking about this...

Kings Island is planning an epic day with loads of ERT. Keep up with the details here:

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For some reason the URL to your link is, which throws a 404.

I hope to finally make it next year, but stuff always happens. Thanks for getting this out early, at the very least it'll be a bug in the ear to plan ahead for it.

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Oooh. We had a blast this year. Next year looks to be more of the same, but with more ERT. (And less Ed Alonzo - is he gonna be gone next year?)

We'll be there again.

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Fixed the link. That's just a preliminary itinerary. Obviously things like show schedules and what nit aren't done, and we don't have a lunch slot defined yet. There will be more to share I'm sure in the next nine months!

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We had a great time last year,Don and the Kings Island crew treated us awesomely. Can't wait til next year and Banshee. Thanks Jeff for posting this early. Are there any other events that you have up your sleeve at this time? I know it's way early for all that.


I might try to do this one...

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I think I'm going to try to do this as well. And I'm not joking. :)

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The Beast will be celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2014, which will add to the fun and excitement for the event.

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Agree with all on the timing. Never too early to begin planning outings in 2014. And this event sounds amazing. Marking my calendar for this event!! Might throw an extra vacation day too with my family & friends in that area.

Dream it! Do it!!

OnPointTony said:
I think I'm going to try to do this as well. And I'm not joking. :)

Oh, just great. And here, I thought I was going to be the center of attention...

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Between this and media day (hopefully), Banshee is going to get a workout.


Just knowing the date this early is a big help. The vacation schedule at work for next summer is almost filled but there was one opening for that weekend Fri. and Mon. Not anymore. I was only able to make it this year when someone canceled a couple weeks before the event.

Had a great time at BeastBuzz this year and next years looks even more amazing. Can't wait!

My name is Mike, and I'm a coasterholic.

Hmmm, this may actually be a real possibility. Softball tournaments should be done by then and tryouts shouldn't interfere next year. Could this be the year I actually get to meet Gonch?

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loriu said:

Could this be the year I actually get to meet Gonch?

That's one way of wording it. Another would be, "Could this be the year I actually leave Steve?"


Seriously, meeting Gonch should just permanently be added to the BeastBuzz itinerary. Another way of wording it would be, "Being disappointed."

(not a winky)

Yeah, Gonch is none of this...

Rather more like this...

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The point being, either way I can lick myself.

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Oh Moosh. I wish I knew what your response to this would be...

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Should there be beer again? I don't know how many people had some, I just know I had to pay for it.

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I could go either way.

It's nice to have, but it's not a dealbreaker.

Yes please, but you probably only need to get a sixth barrel or pony keg.

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