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Well, BeastBuzz '05 is but a memory now and a few comments on our wonderful host park, PKI.

1) What an AWESOME welcome and "at-home" feel we are always given at PKI by Jeff, Maureen and the rest of the staff there. Without a doubt, Jeff goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of his way to make our visits there something beyond special. There is not another park that I know of that spends that much hands-on time with their guests and the behind-the-scenes tours are without parallel.

2) That said, I think I would be remiss if I didn't allow here that I was extremely disappointed that we wrapped up as early as we did. The last thing I thought I'd be doing at this hour (just after 2 am Sunday morning!) is sitting at home in front of my computer!! I am certain that a lot of us were surprised by the early wrap-up of ERT and left wondering if it was, in fact, as the popular expression has it, something we said. I purposely steered clear of THE BEAST most of the day because I thought we'd be spending so much time on it late in the day. The three rides I did get were INCREDIBLE and to be able to ride THE BEAST that late at night is truly an honor to be sure.

Still, all in all, at the end of the day, we're enthusiasts because we're RIDERS and we live for that cherished ERT. Sure, we'll always be very appreciative for the time we get (and always be wanting more!) but this was an abrupt finale for what was otherwise a really FANTASTIC day.

I'm obviously moving as gingerly as possible through the garden on this topic but I'm just wondering if others felt the same as myself.

Great to meet other Buzzers, however, and a really cool group of people we have here on the board.

Happy June and look forward to seeing a lot of you on the midway in the not-too-distant.

Barry J.

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The actual length of the ERT depends on how many people are there. Last year we had over 200, so it went a lot later. This year, we had around 120, so there was no reason to go all that late. Judging by the number of people who did not have any desire to reride The Beast more than once, I'd say it didn't matter.

And don't forget your Tomb Raider cut and tour!

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog

Beastbuzz rocked! Thanks to everyone for organizing it, and running it. The behind the scenes tours were awesome, and the ERT couldnt be beat! THANK YOU PARAMOUNTS KINGS ISLAND!
The TOMB RAIDER extravaganza was TOTALLY COOL, no doubt about it. This is what I was mentioning when I said that PKI Jeff and Maureen and Kristin (Happy B-day!) go above and beyond. A sterling effort on their part. . .

I wasn't aware that people only took one ride on BEAST and got off. What's up with that? We're there to ride, aren't we?? Where's the stamina of the CoasterBuzz Riders??? I could have sat on that thing all night, it was running so great!!

Barry J.

Well, now I am glad I didn't go (it's a 13 hour drive for me). Believe me, any ride on the Beast is a great time to me, but, that would have been disappointing for only 3 rides of ERT.

The Beast trains sit 36. Did they have one, two, or three trains running?

Fever I really enjoy the Simpsons. It's just a shame that I am starting to LOOK like Homer.
First of all, thank you to Jeff, Maureen, Kristin, and the rest of the bunch for another awesome Beastbuzz! You all are so good to us...all the time! Lunch at the International restaurant was nice, with the view, the A/C, and esp. the food. FOF's tour rocked, getting to see start-up and all, (I missed it last year). Seeing the olf FOF & KC cars brought back painful, but still, good memories.

My daughter like being with the club for part of the day, and was really pumped about getting to ride Reptar & Adventure Express for the first time! The only regret I had was letting time get away and forgetting about the Beast walkback.

ERT was great as usual! Even without Delirium, it was great. Plenty enough rides on FOF, IJST, and Beast.

And lastly, Thank you Jeff & Stephanie. I know you always graciously push the spot light to the PKI marketing team...but you deserve some thanks as well. It's your vision for this club that makes it possible for us to be able to have events like Beastbuzz, and a community like Coasterbuzz.

P.S. - As always it was fun to put names with faces. *** Edited 6/12/2005 6:22:50 PM UTC by Floorless Fan***

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I can't believe that my first coaster event has already come and gone. What an action packed day it was though. Thank you so much to Jeff and everyone at PKI. The tour of FoF was incredible and quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen at an amusement park. I was definitely not expecting them to launch a train. I felt very welcome and met quite a few other buzzers. I'll definitely make this an annual trip. Yes the ERT wasn't as long as I had heard it was in previous years, but I am very grateful for it and THE BEAST was running incredibly. Jeff and Maureen are hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing at those spoof videos they played. What a great time, thank you everyone!
I didnt attend the event, but for events i have been too where there is ERT ofrfered it is usually not determined by the amount of people who attend but for a certain time period so if fewer people showed up than the guests who did should be able to ride more often.
I don't think that anyone should be disappointed. I think the main reason some people were is that they continued to advertise that it would be 2 AM throughout the day.

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Well if that's your expectation you shouldn't come to our events, because between the tours, the scavenger hunt (and prizes), backstage tours, and getting to sneak into a ride after touring it, I'm grateful and not prone to expecting more. If that's not "usual" for you, I suggest not attending our events.

Regarding stamina... well, after a 17-hour day, that's not something most of us have a lot of at the end of the day.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog

As a 4 year BeastBuzz Attendee (Well 3 + CoasterbuzzCon I), I have to say that this was the best BeastBuzz Ever.

I too thought that the ERT ended kind of abruptly but after that day I would never have thought about complaining about it.

I could type everything that I thought was great about the day but I will simply say that the Marketing team at PKI is the best crew I have had the pleasure of meeeting.

This years events, The marketing Team, and the Bar at Bubba Gumps have definately played a major part in me now officially making PKi my favorite park to attend!

Guess who's back? Back Again? James K's back. Tell a friend.

Absolutely no complaints here. It was a well-organized event and as others have said, rarely if ever will you see a PR department spend as much time with us as they did.

I would say 90% of us participating in the ERT were totally wiped out after a long day and had as much riding as we could stand if that's possible. I heard no complaints from anyone around me.

I know that may not be enough for some but for the vast majority I think it was.

Thanks again to Jeff here at CoasterBuzz and of course to all the folks at PKI.

I took a chance with the weather and went back Sunday since I had a free admission coupon to use up. It rained a little which was great because that really emptied out the park.

I was able to get 4 rerides on Beast early (after the morning walkback) and then 6 more rides during the end of the rain and right after.

I even went on a bit of a marathon to figure out where the most comfortable ride (if that's possible) on Son of Beast was. My personal opinion is that the middle row on the second to last car of the train was the best.

I think I'm "Beasted out" for now.

Looking forward to next year!

"Heavily medicated for your safety!"

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Jeff said:
And don't forget your Tomb Raider cut and tour!

:( - I need to start following the right people around rather than power riding Spongebob 3D

Also, I found the Beast to be running much rougher than last year, but oddly enough it made me like it more. Last night's (this morning's?) rides make me bump it up a few notches. Serious butt kicking.

*** Edited 6/13/2005 2:27:54 AM UTC by Lord Gonchar***

So, that's where you were all day! The one place I wouldn't think of going after watching the SB movie three times last week.

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I certainly was happy with the rides we got! What with the 2-3 rides on FOF, the 2 rides we got on ITSJ (and that was just at night, we got one in the morning before the park opened) and the two we managed on The Beast, we were more than satisfied. We could have taken a 3rd ride if we'd stayed in the station after our second to grab any open seats, but that thing was running so fast and furious, two were plenty for me.

That extra tour of TRTR was a sweet surprise as well. I didn't miss Delirium at all.

Gonch, we got lucky. We were eating in the Lt. Dan's section of Bubba Gumps and Jeff and Steph were there with a few others talking with Jeff Seibert. We decided on our own to hit Tomb Raider, and on the way saw the other group being led by Jeff Seibert to TRTR and got to join in. It was very impromptu.

It was a fanstastic Beastbuzz. I feel that each one is getting better, and Jeff, Maureen and Kristen were great hosts.

I must say, I'll never forget Jeff playing Alice of the Brady Bunch. That image is still stuck in my head!

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I agree with the above posts. This was the BEST CoasterBuzz event yet. Thanks to the "Alice", "Jan" and "B-Day Girl" for making this event so great. Also a big thanks to Jeff and Stephanie for putting up with us all the past five years.

As for the ERT, I like most have no complaints at all. I was so tired that one run on the Beast was all I really needed to top my night. it was running insane with that light shower right before we rode. You couldn't ask for a better ending to such a great event.

I hope James gets his phone back from the Tomb.......

William W. Gray, CuratorWhitewater Valley RailroadConnersville, Indiana

This was my first BeastBuzz and my wife and I had a great time. The weather held out from ruining the day and so did our stamina. We kept telling ourselves over and over "Okay we are going to do such and such and then take a break and maybe grab a nap back at the hotel", but 17 hours later we were still at the park dying for more rides.

We had a great time meeting many of you. We had lunch with Barry and Brian Noble, very nice guys, and it was nice to finally see the real Jeff Putz in person. The entire event was awesome and before going I didn't expect much from the behind the scenes tours - but boy was I wrong. They were very cool!

Kudos to the PKI staff, Jeff, Maureen and Kristin, for helping to make this event and day so fantastic. They were such great and fun people to hang around with. I think the fact that they too were having as much fun as we were helped make everything even that much more fun. Thanks also, of course, to our Jeff and CoasterBuzz for putting Beastbuzz 2005 together. While I was thinking the same as Barry and a few others expecting and hoping for more evening ERT rides, I was just happy and grateful to be part of this event and had a great time. I don't remember the Beast ever being so wild as it was for the evening ERT. In the end though we were so exhausted and beat up it was good to finally call it a day.


To repeat what has already been said: This year's BeastBuzz was a fantastic event. My sincere thanks to Jeff, Stephanie and the entire PKI marketing team. The group I brought had a blast. Can't wait until '06! :)


PS - The Beast was absolutely FLYING during ERT.

Yes my boys and I had a BLAST! We are life long residents of Cincy and have been to PKI many times. But we learned a lot more about the park this past weekend. Also it was our first BeastBuzz (not the last) and first behind the scenes tours. Thanks for all the fun and memories we got to experience. Hope to see all of you next year.
BB was my first 'buzz event, but it certainly won't be the last. I met some great folks, and had a wonderful time. As a glutton, I probably could have taken an extra spin or two. Should I have? Probably not. Did I get my money's worth? Absolutely, and then some. I'm amazed that the PKI staff (and Jeff P.) go so far out of there way to make the day great.

This was also (ashamedly) my first visit to PKI, and I'm wondering what took me so long to get down there to ride Beast. I will definitely be back. Unfortunately, I suspect future rides might pale in comparison to night rides...after a hot day...and just enough rain to dampen the track...much as subsequent heroin injections just never quite measure up to that first fire-tinged jolt.

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