Beast and Son of Beast?

Well wooden coasters are of course tempormental but considering I have been a season pass holder of kings island for quite a few years, I think I have a good feel of what seats provide the smoothest ride. Just to clarify my notation, when I say for example seat 1-2, that means the first car of the train but second seat, which would be overall the second seat on the ride. Just as seat 6-2 would be the sixth car second seat.


My personal choice here is seat 1-2, since it is consistantly the smoothest seat on the ride. The front seat is also good but not quite as smooth but has better visuals. In general for the PTC trains for Racer and The Beast at Kings Island, the second seat of any car is smoother, while the last of a car is an axle seat and the least smooth. I perfer to ride The Beast later in the day after it has warmed up a bit. Of course if possible a night ride would be best. The park I believe changed their location of where they shoot off fireworks, which results in them closing The Beast down at approximately 9:50 and remaining closed until 10:15 or so. So if a night ride is desired, it might be best hit it before that time, or just expect to wait until the ride reopens.


In general the recommendations for a smoother ride on The Beast would apply to racer, since its trains are very similiar with the main difference is that Racer has one less car and seats 30 instead of 36. I usually again perfer seat 1-2, but seats such as 2-2 might work well also. My rides on forwards racer have been decent, but I did have a rather rough ride on backwards racer this year on the first seat that goes up the lift, which is an axle seat. Although I have read trip reports that mention that backwards racer is running smoother than forwards, so maybe the best advice on forwards or backwards racer is just not to sit in an axle seat, and sit in the middle of a car.

Son of Beast:

Son of Beast has new (well used, but new for the ride) G trains that overall in my opinion give a smoother ride. They seat 24 and from my 4 rides this season, the best choice is definately the front seat when it comes to overall smoothness and best ride experience. The other seats I have tried were 6-1 and 3-1, with 6-1 being slight smoother and more thrilling. Son of Beast of course has a not so great reputation when it comes to smoothness, but I think there is noticable improvement when it comes to less shuffling and more room with the new trains. The rose bowl is still a bit vibrational but is more tolerable and I am sure is an area that will be worked on and tweaked. The rest of the ride, I feel in its current state is really on the average level of wood coaster roughness. Capacity is not exactly great, especially if it is only running 1 train which it was for part of the day this past Sunday. With 2 trains of 24 passengers it is not great still but more managable and likely will have a 35 minute wait or so on weekdays or less. Again in general the first car of G trains the train should provide a smoother ride, but my best 2 rides have been in the front seat. *** Edited 7/24/2007 9:21:58 PM UTC by Beast Fan***

MagnunBarrel said:
Anyhow to get into the points of this topic, chuck has nailed them again, being a smart woodie rider that he is. Racer is by far the best running wood in the park. I thought both back and forward were incredibly smooth the last time i rode them this year.


You obviously didn't read my post. It said Forwards Racer was the WORST and ROUGHEST wood in the park. Backwards is MEH at best.


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