Beast and Son of Beast?

I am taking a trip with my girlfriend to cedar point. I have always wanted to go to kings island to ride beast and son of beast. My question is how rough are these two coasters?

You see, my girlfriend is pretty small and tends to come out rather bruised from rough coasters. I really wouldn't want to drag her all the way to cincinnati during our vacation to basically get beat up. Do you guys think she would have much of a problem?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated....and possibly keep me out of the dog house....


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If she's picky about roughness then skip KI....neither Beast nor SOB (since re-opening) are terrible, but they're not super smooth either.

I really don't think either are that much worse than Magnum.... *** Edited 7/23/2007 6:11:32 PM UTC by tigellinus***

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Beast isn't too rough and SOB is alot better than it used to be.

WAY smoother than Mean Streak!

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Son of beast way smoother than meanstreak???......Righhhht.

And I am your Irish uncle.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

I have not been on SOB since it reopened but it was way too rough and Beast was worse. The only thing is on Beast you were not stapled to your seat so the shaking did not affect you as much but that final helix is a very violent shake in the middle to back of the train. I still love that ride though.
SOB Friday evening was smooth as glass in the front seat. Middle of the train was an intense rough instead of a painful rough.
My last couple of rides on the Beast a week ago were the "do I still have all my fillings?" rough. Sonny's been down every time I've been up there but my daughter got a couple of rides and said it's better than before, better being a comparative term.
Forward racer is the roughest of any of them but nobody says anything about that.


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My advice: drive another few hours and go to Holiday World.

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^^But these two rides are a lot longer.

Of course they have good days and bad days, and it can vary a lot from seat to seat. The Beast is pretty smooth in the front seat. Son of Beast is smoother than it was a few years ago, but IMO it's more rough than last year between when it was re-tracked and before it had that unfortunate accident. (I'm really tiny so the restraints didn't bother me at all)
I'm sure The Beast will be fine is you stick towards the front. I haven't had a chance to ride Son of Beast towards the front this year. The back car was pretty bad when I rode it

I haven't ridden SOB since it reopened, but the Beast, like everyone else has said, is much smoother in the front seat.
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The mark of a great coaster: only certain seats give a good ride experience, lol.

Cedar Fair shoulda TAERED IT DOWN! ;)

The Beast is smoother in a middle seat, OF ANY CAR. The back seats are the shakiest and the fronts vary.


As far as SOB in the front...I rode it Sunday, and....I got a good nap!!

Stick to the back for the better ride...

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A nap? Are you kidding me? I rode it Monday in the front seat and loved it. I wanted to try the back, but was only in the park for a short time. I hope to get back soon to try the back.

Chuck, you are completely right. As long as you don't ride over the axle on Beast you will have a much smoother ride. The front isn't horrible but it does produce a nice foot thumping effect right before the second lift and going through the helix.

As for SOB I haven't had a chance to ride it with the new trains but having been on G-trains before, stick to the front seat of any car and it will be a bit smoother.

Paddle Faster! I hear banjo music.

Just imagine if they joined those two classics? 12,000+ foot long coaster anyone? CF could call it the "longest coaster in the galaxy!!!!"

For hype, they could even sell small medical/life insurance policies in a booth by the ride.

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Imagine the per cap spending increase if they added insurance policy sales!! Heck....why stop there!?!?

They could start offering same-day dry cleaning, car repairs, doctor visits!?! Kind of like a southern California carwash...

Seriously, you have no idea what a time saver (and profit center!!) CF parks could be if I could go to CP, get my dry cleaning done, get my brakes replaced, AND get a cavity filled all while getting to ride Maverick and MF at the same time and in the same place!

Heck, if they had a grocery store there, I could get that knocked out as well! (maybe minus perishables) But the possibilities are endless!! *** Edited 7/24/2007 4:09:26 PM UTC by tigellinus***

Anyhow to get into the points of this topic, chuck has nailed them again, being a smart woodie rider that he is. Racer is by far the best running wood in the park. I thought both back and forward were incredibly smooth the last time i rode them this year.

Beast on the other hand, i rode in the front second seat and was by far amazed at the ride. Later on the same day went in the middle of the train, and got beaten severely, and the lapbar actually went further down on me, and locked in place so i had no room. So it definately beats the crap outta ya and keeps on doing it. The beast in no way shape or form is close to being smooth.

SOB was a step up last year than it had been in years past. I never got to ride it this year, but it still probably has its rough moments. You cant expect anything that big to be that smooth.

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MagnunBarrel said:
You cant expect anything that big to be that smooth.


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