Batman the Ride SFNO now at SFFT

According to Screamscape which always isnt totally right, pieces of Batman the Ride are showing up at SFFT.

Being the best ride at my former homepark, this news was kind of devistating to me.

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Devasting because it is one more reason why they won't be reopening SFNO?

I'm just glad they can continue use with the things they salvaged.

Yeah, I wonder what else is salvagable there, the park is literally standing there like it was running, nothing has been taken down or anything(except BTR) and the whole area around it, last time I went by was completly deserted.

Also I think that ride is cursed. Only B&M to be moved at all and twice.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

Good thing about this is that SFFT may finally be getting the invert that it lacks. Also, Texas will be home to 3 B&M inverts--tied with Florida as having the most B&M inverts in a single state.

Bad thing? All of them will be the EXACT SAME DESIGN. How many states have 3 SLCs, let alone 3 BTR clones?!

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It's really the only logical park in the SF family to get it (if this is true).

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

California also has 3 B&M inverts.
Funny that there is Great White about 15 minutes away... oh well, I'm sure the different paint and the different name will still fool the public.


Don't forget, it's also a mirror image of the same ride SeaWorld has 15 minutes away - so its different!
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I'm curious where they'd be able to fit the ride at SFFT. B:TR doesn't have the biggest footprint, but SFFT doesn't have much space left, especially now that the Tony Hawk ride took up some of the last available space. And unlike other parks, the main part of SFFT isn't particularly close to the parking lot, so even that doesn't seem like a possibility. They'd have no problem putting in a custom-designed ride, but putting in a stock model seems difficult at this point.

And I'm positive that no one in San Antonio would care that there are two versions of the same coaster within 15 miles of each other. It grates on the enthusiast's sensibilities, but most people wouldn't care. The fact alone that it's a mirror would be enough to differentiate it for most folks.

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Actually my guess is if people are familiar with both rides a lot of people will notice it's the same layout before they notice it's a mirror image.

It doesn't seem like something that would seem super obvious to a non-enthusiast but maybe that's just me.

Maybe, some people just go to Sea World for the rides. They really like that Batman clone, and that's why they go. Hey, my main objective at Animal Kingdom is Dinosaur. If Dinosaur moved to Magic Kingdom, why in the heck should I go to Animal Kingdom. There isn't anything that great about that park besides Dinosaur (in my opinion).

So, if Batman is going to be at both parks, and you go to Sea World because they have Batman over there, now you don't have to go over there, and just go to SFFT more.

On a side note, I was wondering how much those BTR clones cost. It says 10 million. Now, does this ride have any theming like the other Batman's. It might be a stupid question, but does this ride have those tunnels like the Batman's do? In my opinion, that's a great deal for those Batman's. No wonder why they bought so many.

Now, you have Goliath at SFOG costing 20 million, and Mantis at CP costing 15 million. Yes, they are different types of coasters, but look at how much the prices have gone up. I always thought that Raptor at CP is a great deal. People ride that thing like Millenium Force. 11.5 compared to 25 million

I wouldn't mind B:TR going into SFFT... if the theming is done right. It'd be interesting to see how a B:TR would be marketed, too (let's not forget, SFFT has a whole lot more than this one ride to create a draw for people... if it's cheap enough and makes enough sense, why not build it, Sea World or not).

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It doesn't seem like something that would seem super obvious to a non-enthusiast but maybe that's just me.

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner ;)

Most non-enthusiasts [read: general public] won't know or care and those that do will still ride it anyway as it's a good ride. Considering the financial state of Six Flags I think this is a great opportunity to add a new coaster to SFFT at minimal costs...especially one as popular as this.

BTR the ride at SFNO had a large aluminium building with signs of different characters. It was the BTR in terms of theming I have seen.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

One, the main objective to most people at Disney's Animal Kingdom is Expedition Everest, Kilimanjaro Safaris, the Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo: The Musical. Dinosaur plays a smaller part than you think. And as for the layout of the BTR clones, DAK also happens to have Primeval Whirl, which is two Reverchon Spinning Coasters side by side, one facing forward and one facing backwards, but not mirror images. Most guests think each one is different than the other. But strangely enough at Universal's Islands of Adventure we have Dueling Dragons and everyone here knows they are two different layouts, but for some reason most guests think the two coasters "are the same". Go figure!
I think that it a great idea to install Batman at SFFT. CP built an impulse when the competition down the street had one already, and it was arguably a good move.

Sea world and Six Flags are two different experiences altogether anyways, even if they did have the similar coasters.

What I would wish for the Batman clones in the SF chain is that they actually re-theme them to tie into the upcoming movie. They could enclose all of them, and instead of BTR, call them Batman:The Dark Knight. Not placed inside of a shed, but an actual decent looking structure. Disney gets huge mileage out of refurb/retheme the same rides to great effect.
^ That would costs money which SF might not have.

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Putting a big box around the ride wouldn't really add that much to the construction cost.

I don't think it's likely at all, but I did have the same idea. You know...if the whole thing was enclosed then the public certainly wouldn't make the connection, haha. And at least it would be relatively novel.

Lance thought that Shapiro was really out of it if he was adding B:TR to SFFT, and I emailed him last night to tell him that he's the one who needs the clue. He also thought it was odd that they would add another B:TR when there's one five hours away at SFOT. Hey, it didn't stop them from having two boomerangs, now did it?

How many people honestly go Sea World for the coasters? From my 2002 experience, I can tell you that I was power-riding Steel Eel on an extremely busy Saturday until we left around 3 p.m.

Sea World is setup on a show schedule with each show having between two to six time periods, so people go from one show to the next. They might get on the coasters in the morning, but once the shows are underway, the coasters mostly get abandoned for either the shows or the water rides, because it gets unbearably hot.

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