Batman and Robin: The Chiller

What is the heck is the deal with this coaster? Why does it never want to work? Really, isn't it just like Mr. Freeze with two sides? It's seems like the same Superman The Escape situation at Magic Mountain thing? If they run more than one side, it can't handle it.

Than, why don't they split this coaster up, and send part it to another park? How about the same thing with the Magic Mountain's Superman? Have half of it at Magic Mountain, and the other half at a place that doesn't have a LIM coaster. The same would be for this coaster.

According to GM Mark Kane there were "engineering flaws"...seems like a legitimate reason to me.

As far as its removal....keep it SBNO!! That's created a nice little place in Movietown to get away from the masses.

The thing is that if there really are engineering flaws in the ride then would another park (even a non six flags one) foot the bill to make it work?

At this point the ride is a waste of money. They could be making better use of their money then trying to fix the chiller.

Mark Kane states though that they are trying to fix ALL the problems. IF thats true then there is a chance that it could be compeltely working next year.

Screamscape states that it could be scrapped next year.

So who knows. *** Edited 9/4/2007 6:28:47 PM UTC by majortom1981***

I don't see it lasting more than two seasons unless they get it to work permenantly.
Really a shame too, they are both amazing rides well at least they were with the Zero G rolls.

-Brent Kneebush

Not sure if I buy that rumor because someone at Gadv (the GM I believe) said in an interview a month or so ago that they had located the sources of several of the recurring problems and were fixing it, hopefully for good to avoid such downtime in the future. He said it likely wouldn't open until next season.

Count me in as being surprised if it doesn't have at least another go with the new track next season.

I say good riddance to it. It was good with the zero-g rolls, now it just sucks. BYE!!!

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

It was great with the zero-g rolls and it's just ok now. I don't think it sucks. It would definitely suck with OTSRs though. Thankfully it doesn't have those anymore.

It was open during our visit this year. It broke down for 10-15 minutes while they had to bring the train back to its "home position". But, other than that, it seemed to be working - at least as well as any of the other rides in the park that day were. :)

If they leave Chiller and take Deja Vu out (as rumored) at SFOG I'm gonna be furious. I don't get that whole double standard anyway. SF has taken a beating for the problems DV has, but everyone gives Chiller a pass when it's been far worse. DV doesn't go down for SEASONS at a time.
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^I can't speak for "everyone", but in NO way have I given SF, or GAdv, a *pass* on Chilla. If you dig thru the archives, I think you'll find the words Chilla, fried, Force Engineering, LIM, and gator come up in more than a few posts...

No other LIM-launched coaster has had more than a fraction of the problems Chilla has had. Not sure why, exactly, but much like my feelings about Ka, I tend to think of those perpetual, persistent, critical LIM problems as being more *symptoms* than causes. There's an underlying reason why those LIMs kept (keep?) burning out. Much like there's a reason that Ka shuffles on down the launch track....

Chiller will be gone if they can't fix the actual flaws to keep it running consistantly. Kingda Ka, despite its obvious mistakes, has been outstanding this year in terms of uptime (not outstanding in terms of the shuffle). I suspect if they couldn't meet a certain uptime with that ride it would soon be gone to.

Mark doesn't mess around when it comes to either having the ride operating every single day or simply removing it. Chiller had its chance earlier this season and yet another flaw was discovered. So will they fix that new problem yet again or simply scrap it. I think we'll all be soon finding out...

^I really doubt they would yank a roller coaster that they spent 50 million dollars on out of there so soon. That would stupid.
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Who spent $50M on what now?

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Another website is reporting today that Batman & Robin:The Chiller is HISTORY.
BTW, I must say it's kinda a shame... I'm making my first trip to GAdv this October. I'll be on Long Island to visit my baby bro and we're planning to go to Screamfest or whatever the Halloween festivities are called.

Oh well, I'll console myself with El Toro. :)

Yea,supposedly it will be removed this season and that the station is already gutted. I hope this mack spinning coaster replacement rumour is true.

Also Vincent if you are in the farmingdale area of long island visit adventureland. Its a very small park but has some great flats like a good log flume, huss frisbee and huss pirate ship ,and a hurricane coaster. Worth a couple of hours at least. *** Edited 9/5/2007 8:33:59 PM UTC by majortom1981***

Well if the station is being dismantled inside someone needs to take a stroll up the exit path and check it out. No one cares I've done it before and they just say the rides closed if there's even anyone in there. The you look around and say oh and leave.
Didn't they just finish the "humps" at the beginning of this season? That's quite interesting. That just goes to show working on a ride (or just painting it) doesn't "save" a coaster from being removed (ala Geauga Lake).
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^So.....should Sonny make sure its affairs are in order? ;)

rollergator said:
^So.....should Sonny make sure its affairs are in order? ;)

Let's hope so. Donate the wood to people who need it this winder, get moola for any steel, sell the trains and other mech hardware. Leave in mosta the footers and then have GCI come in a build a REAL rollercoaster!

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