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Ok it just got real. Today at the park, fences are up around the Invertigarden area with a "Pardon Our Dust - Renovations in Progress" Snoopy sign. Those white tire tracks swerve right into the wooden fence now. It's happening! (As for what's happening though... who knows)

Also interesting tidbit... the little lake that had remote control boats has been drained for a few weeks.

Another theory popped up for what Project SR1 might stand for:

Could be an oversized version of this, since they filed for 110'. Wouldn't Intamin would fit the bill of a "renewed relationship with a manufacturer that [they] haven’t worked with in recent history"?

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Ridden the Mall of America ride and the Elitch Gardens ride. The lesson that I learned? Don't launch coasters unless everyone is facing forward. ;~/

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Haha do these cause weird whiplashes? It seems like the capacity is not so hot also

No, no whiplash. I rode the one at The Mall several times and I really liked it. Sometimes the spin is good and sometimes not so much.
I think the one at Elitch was down when I was there. Or maybe the Ring o Fire took its place. Can't remember.

The Elitch Half Pipe is still there. The Ring of Fire replaced the Huss Rainbow.

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I wouldn't say "whiplash" - but there really isn't an easy way to avoid headbanging when you have OTSRs and lateral just get to decide which side is going to get bashed against the restraint. Which does beg the question - why are there OTSRs on those stupid things anyway?

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HK Disneyland has a higher capcity model without the spinning that I found perfectly adequate (having also ridden the Mall of America model).

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I really thought people reading into the SR1 thing were over analyzing, but it lives on. CGA now teasing with this sign:

CF has really upped their enthusiast trolling game recently.

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Hahaaaaaa I can't believe this sign! I was always half-joking when analyzing all the SR1 possibilities, thinking CF wouldn't really be putting so much thought into teasers for the ride. Apparently they really are. And the clues are really only for the super fans. Casually guests walking by would appreciate the theming and be excited for the new ride for sure, but us enthusiastic enthusiasts are the ones really reading into the words and trying to crack the code.

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