Atari launches new RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 site, announces features

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Atari, the publisher of the forthcoming RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, today launched a new Web site for the game that features screenshots and video, revealing a number of new rides. New video clips show complete point-of-view video of several coaster varieties. They also announced the addition of a fireworks editor, where players will be able to design their own fireworks shows and set them to music.

Visit the official RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 site.

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Wow... I'm impressed. As long as the UI is clean and it performs well on the average computer, I really think this has the potential of being the best selling game next year.

Check out the POV clips. The POV isn't even remotely as horrible as everyone predicted it would be with pre-fabricated track pieces. I'm not saying it's like NoLimits, but as far as I'm concerned, it's more than adequate.

So long to wait!

Sweetness. Now I just need a computer to handle all the graphics...time to upgrade.
Only 5 themes... be prepared for an expansion pack eventually.
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Had to move some of my comments from the forum to this news item, since I expect the discussion to evolve here:

-Did a see both a Zipper and a Rockin' Tug on the video playing on the main page!?


-Now we'll have a fireworks exchange on CB Games?

-The standard looping coaster appeared to have an inline twist. Am I mistaken?

-Custom lighting on coasters looks like a go (a question brought up in another thread) with this line in the press release:

"RollerCoaster Tycoon® 3, will challenge players to create the ultimate night time amusement park experience by adding lights to coasters, rides and pathways."

Good stuff!

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Many people have feared that this game will be too Sim-ish; But it's obvious they're moving away from that!

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I haven't read all of the posts or reviews from it... but...

Will the only view be POV from ground level / coaster seat level? Or will it also included some sort of "arial view" / "birds eye" view similar to RCT and RCT2?

Either way... if I want it, I guess it will mean a new computer. My home computer died September 2002 (haven't even been able to EVER play RCT2 on it), and loading it here at work is out of the question.

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I believe it will be a full freedom 3D view. Anywhere you choose to view the park from, you can.

I'd also imagine you could "stick" your view to a coaster POV or a guest or whatever might be moving around the park - but that's just my guess.

Does anyone know if you will be able to have more of a drop degree selection? The only thing that pissed me off about 1 and 2 was there were only 3-5 degree choices for the drops-but from the site, it looks like they changed that.
How can anyone think this is bad

compared to this?

Between the new rides, the new peeps abilities, the pov's, the fireworks, the full 3d viewing it astounds me that anyone could find RCT3 to be a bad thing. It looks amazing.

One thing above NoLimits is that when you ride the coaster, for the first time you actually feel like in you're in a park rather than a ghost town.

Wonder if people will link .mpg's of coasters now instead of screen shots....

Ok, I was just sort of excited when I heard the news about the game. But now after seeing those videos, I'm drooling!

The transitions in and out of banked turns looks a little abrupt though. And is it just me, or do the chain lifts/speed of the ride seem a little fast? Just a minor criticism, but it still looks like way too much fun. I just hope they keep the same Excitement/Intensity/Nausea ratings.

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Can't talk...eating my words. OK, I admit's much better than I initially said it looked.
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The frontier site has some huge hi-res files of the videos available - 100 to 150MB each. (including the fireworks one) - scroll down.

Of interest to someone, I'm sure.

Will it feature six flags parks again?

I am actually starting to look forward to this game. The part that reall peaked my interest was this: "Additionally, most coasters previously in RCT1 & 2 have been enhanced with a wider variety of track pieces, for example banks. "

Also, the Six Flags question was intended as a joke, but unfortunately my humorous wording of things ability decided to take a vacation.

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It is looking a lot better than previous teases.

Did someone say Zipper? I think I'll have to create Zipperland with nothing but Zippers and Pizza shacks. ;)

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Twisted...funny, but twisted! ;)
Was there a loop on that wooden coaster? Weirded out!
Wow.... This looks WAY better than expected. Definatley looking forward to November now...
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PKI's Son of Beast woodie has a loop, and in previous editions of RCT you were able to include a loop on wooden coasters.
Haha. Cheerleaders in the park. That's a nice touch. What also amazes me is how the rides manuever the elements so realistically - something that was NOT evident in the prior two games. The trains navigate the inversions and elements slower paced rather than the unrealistic quick-paced movement.

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