Are we saying Good Bye to Great Adventures Greta

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I'm one enthusiast who won't be shedding a tear over GASM's removal. So long (ouch!), farewell...

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UconnCheer1997 said:
I was at Great Adventure today and as we passed through the gate the employees are telling everyone to make sure they ride The Great American Scream Machine because today is it's final day of operation. They said it's being removed to make way for a new coaster.

July 18th.

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kRaXLeRidAh said:

Tekwardo said:
I prefer both Chang and Georgia Scorcher to Riddler any day.

Don't really like calling people out, but you really haven't ridden The Riddler's Revenge at all have you?

Somehow I missed this, but yeah. I rode Riddlers after I rode Chang, and before I rode Scorcher. Was not impressed. Even had ERT on it.

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