Anything going on at KI?

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Shame that guy in front of you didnt have any loose articles....

ridemcoaster said:
Shame that guy in front of you didnt have any loose articles....


Brandon James
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Thanks for the quick laugh. Now back to my boring life of homework...


RollerGator.. Where were you that you couldn't get food? Maybe thats why Americans are on average 20lbs. bigger than us. lol but Just Kidding. Alot of fast food places close at 10 or 11 but the drive throughs are almost always open. They even let you walk them if the inside is closed.

About the front, back argument on Behemoth I'm a back seat kinda guy but I gotta say the back is wayyy better on Behemoth. Yes there are days when the front is really nice. But the back is almost always good. Especially getting pulled through the turnaround. The only real negative about Behemoth is after the brake run the ride turns to crap. Sometimes the last bunnyhill can deliver amazing air if your in the front but the rest of the train not so much.

The best part about Behemoth, and I assume Diamondback too is the trains. The wing seats as ppl call them around here are clearly the seats of choice while scared first timers rides cram together in the middle seats. The best part of this arangment is if your savy you can cruise right on the ride in the front (wing) seats, while the GP line up for an extra 1/2 hr or so for the front middle seats.

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