Anything going on at KI?

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Ensign Smith said:
Upbeat, lots of sixteenth notes.

If those are 16th notes then the song is at a rather slow tempo.

If they're 8th notes (as the original is) then it's peppy and upbeat.

(Wow. That's the kind of nitpicky thing that I hate reading others do. I need smacked. :) )

At any rate, that's a pretty good knock-off of Linus and Lucy. Definitely invokes the original and keeps it all nice and legal-like.

I actually thought it was a rather crappy knock-off. I've played the song before (there's an arrangement out there for a full jazz band, and it definitely is not easy) and I really had to try and get the left hand to match Linus and Lucy in my head. It does do a good enough job at sounding like something you would hear from Vince, but I really had to stretch to get it to fit Linus and Lucy.

And no, Gonch, I won't smack you because I just did the same thing. Someone else can double their fun. :)

Edited because trying not to sound like a pretentious jerk is harder the later it gets.

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maXairMike said: Edited because trying not to sound like a pretentious jerk is harder the later it gets.

Might I suggest more editing then?

(I kid, I kid!)

Gonch, consider yourself smacked. ;)

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I just visited the KI site, and yes, the song sucks, but for all some people know, it could be a part of the peanuts song that they've never heard before. Not everyone is overly familiar with the tune.

Looking at the artwork and video on the planet snoopy section of the site, the stuff the park has done with Peanuts is really good. It's bright and happy. My opinion is tat they do a pretty good job with what they have to work with, and even though Snoopy sucks, imho, it's not bad.

Loosing Nick is a huge mistake though, but they have to do what they have to do.

So I have never been to KI. I am going this year the thursday before Holiwood Nights.

1) How busy will it be on this day considering its a thursday and its early june, not mid-summer

2) If time becomes a factor which rides are missable?

3) Are there any can't miss places to eat at KI, or is off-site a better bet.

4) I was planning on staying at the super 8 in Mason based on the fact all we will be doing is sleeping there I would rather save $$ for other things. Is Super 8 Mason decent?

5) On this thursay they close at 8... I've been told "you can't miss a night ride on the beast" It won't be dark at 8 in June. Should I go for a half day on Sun to get this night ride and miss out on about half the rides, or should I still go on Thurs and get more time overall?

6) Is 3 hrs from KI to HW about right?

7) What are the chances SOB is opening this year? Nobody seems to have any idea.

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Ooooh! Ooooh! I know the answer to #6! Plan on 3 to 3 1/2 hours from KI to Holiday World, depending on construction and traffic.

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1. Depends on how many people show up that day. The park offers general guidelines. (6th headline down the page)

2. The ones you'd prefer least.

3. I guess it's a matter of taste/familiarity. (second star down)

4. Seems like a personal preference. I wouldn't consider a Super 8, but many people do. Maybe a site like TripAdvisor[url][url] would be of use.

5. Which is more important to you?

6. How fast do you drive? How far is it? Divide. Try Google Maps for a second opinion.

7. Seems pretty slim based on the discussions around here.


Yeah, I'm being a bit short. Most of what you asked is either entirely subjective, able to be easily found somewhere or doesn't have a "right" answer.

3 hours is about right and I would go with Thursday personally

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1. You never can tell, but I don't think you'll have any problems.

2. Ride everything, then ride the ones that you really liked again. Diamondback Beast, and Flight of Fear are my favorites, but I have no idea what you like. If you really must miss something, umm...I don't know what you like so I can't tell you.

3. Do not eat the cheese sauce that comes with the pretzels. Mama Rosa's Pizza is very good. Skyline Chili is also very good. If you like Coke, there's is somehow better than any other Coke that I've ever drank.

4. I never stayed at the Super 8, but it is really close to the park. I've stayed at Motel 6 one exit south of the park, and otehr than the Tie food smell, becasue of an attached restaurant, it was clean and had friendly employees, and was very inexpensive. I got a room last Spring for $39.99, and when I checked out, they told me that they lowered their rates a few days ago, and only charged me $32.99.

5. Beast is fun at night. it's up to you.

6. Google says that they...well, just look it up man.

7. I say there is a 90% chance that SOB will not reopen, ever. You not missing much, unless you like to feel what it's like to be a smurf on a jackhammer. lol

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Awesome post, Gonch. lol

#2 You can skip Vortex unless it is a walk-on. If you've been on Italian Job anywhere else, you've been on it here.

#3 LaRosa's Pizza is not bad, Skyline chili dogs are Ok, nothing else is worth the wait.

#4 I prefer the Comfort Inn on Field Ertl road. Very nice, clean, and a 5 minute drive to the park. Rates are very good for the area. Free Breakfast.

#5 Night rides on Beast are pretty cool, but not really worth a special trip.

#7 Rode it once just to say I did, don't care if I ever ride it again.

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Thanks for the help!

1) Good to hear

2)Flight Deck is something I'm really looking forward to. After riding Vortex and CW all my life I can't wait to compare. I think what I was asking was if you didn't get time to ride all coasters, what ones would you cut out? But if I go on the thurs I don't think it will matter.

3) I ask about food cuz I find some parks you would never leave to eat and others you would never eat at the park. Knoebel, and Cedar Point would be examples of these 2 situations for me.

4) Super 8 was the cheapest, decent looking one I could find with a free breakfast. I'm not looking for anything special cuz I'm probably ariving from Canada, after a 7-8 hr drive, at around mid-night. Then waking up and checking out after breakfast. So a Marriot is not what I'm after. I'll have to look into the 6.

5) It's just an annoying situation... The Beast night ride is the most desirable part of KI for me. But I would be passing up on half a day, and going on a busier day to get that night ride. I'll probably go with the thurs.

6) I've checked my GPS, and Google Maps. But they don't always know what ppl who have made the trip know. For example if you came from Mason to Canada's Wonderland yeah its 7-8 hrs but depending on when you come or what border you take it could add 2 hrs to your trip. That said I guess there aren't alot of variable from mason, to Santa Claus. But yeah 3 hrs if what I'm getting.

7) I'm just intreagued by SOB. I was hoping to get the chance to ride it.

The Beast at night is in my opinion one of those "must dos" on your checkoff list. KI even when it is on a "crowded day" is extremely manageable. Ive done all the coasters on a busy day, the key is knowing how to do them. If you have a coaster club card or a Platinum Pass you get 1/2 hour (1 hour on Sat) ERT on Diamondback and Beast.

Once the park opens, regardless of wither or not you did some ERT you need to go to Firehawk first and ride that, then ride FoF. From there go to the last low capacity coaster of the day, Invertigo, then do Drop Zone and Deleirum before moving on to the high capacity coasters (ie even on a crowded day these should be near walk ons) Adventure Express, Racer, and Vortex. Backlot Stunt Coaster is hit or miss with a line, if it goes past one snake in the queue house save for later, it wil likely have a shorter wait then, its time to do the Rivertown coasters, The Beast and Diamondback. The Beast typically does not have too bad of a line until it gets dark, and Diamondback with a full queue is <90 minutes.

Just my opinion, but Vortex at CW is a more intense ride than Flight Deck. YMMV.

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For a simulated night ride on The Beast during the day, close you eyes. ;)

I don't know what the park will be calling it this season, but there is an awesome coaster/flat ride hybrid in the new Camp Snoopy kiddie area. It used to be themed to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Since it's in the kiddie area, it's easy to look over, but my opinion is that it's something that you should not miss.

Hmmm...Airbender??? With the new M. Night movie coming out this summer, changing the theme of this ride from Avatar: The Last Airbender to something Snoopy seems ever worse of a move than before. Avatar may turn out to be a very popular movie, and having the character, even in animated form, may have proven to be a very good thing.

Good Info. Especially the hotel advice. I was definatly thinking Firehawk, and FoF first off. I've heard Vortex, is better than FD but I'm still dying to try another susp. The only other one i've riden is iron dragon, which is miles worse. I was thinking of dark sun-glasses for the beast. At least if I miss the night ride this time, I will have a good reason to go back another time. How's Bubba Gumps Shrimp? Its the only name on the map that caught my eye.

Thanks again to everyone

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I would just go with the Thursday for now. The park has a fairly nice, varied selection of rides...none of which I would pass up.

However, I wouldn't do anything "clever" to try to simulate The Beast night time experience, either. It truly does seem to transform at night...and simply covering your eyes will not recreate the sensations.

It's an experience worth waiting for. You won't be disappointed.

(And BTW, check out the Backyard BBQ between Diamondback and The Crypt. It's a great, all-you-can it buffet that is definitely worth the hefty, $18 price tag. Drinks and free-refills are included.)

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Bubba Gumps Shrimp is good if you like seafood

I enjoy it.

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Is the morning ERT just for ACErs or any card carrying club member?

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