Anyone who went to Geauga Lake on opening day?

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Got that great first ride on Villian for the year. She's running good.

Spoke with a maintenance guy who was testing it after the rain that day. I said, and Quote: "You know, it would run so much better with PTC's... but you already know that, don't you"

He replies: "Yep, but we don't have the choice there"

It was cool that he and I were on the same terms.

I know you all don't want to here this but like....chill. Seriously, flaming each other....or just out right arguing gets boring after a while.
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I think we quit doing that a week ago.
wait a minute- are Ellen and E Coaster Gurl the same person? It sure sounds like it.

This is way too weird.

janet, yes I am Ellen....I was just trying to pull a joke on my cousin...guess it backfired a little.:(...

~~~~Coaster Lover~~~~~~~~~~

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