Anyone who went to Geauga Lake on opening day?

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CF has been promising VF, WoF and MiA a geeky looking, motivated coaster girl for years and NEVER delivers. Don't they know WoF has a lot of competition? Or they have to spend money at MiA to make money? They ALWAYS like those damned Ohio parks better.

Leave me alone. I'm bitter.


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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Hey, playa, you shut the hell up.

If you have a problem with the way Cedar Fair schedules their employees, I'll fight you to the death!

I just don't see why you have to be so down on them.

My cousin Ellen thinks you suck, and she wears glasses so she knows what she's talking about!

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Come bring it, buddy. You know where to find me.

I'll bet KBF has three whole crews of bespectacled. motivated coaster gals next year while CF leaves their more-upper-and-central-westerly Midwest parks out in the cold. I have a legitimate complaint about that.


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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Lakecrystal: I'll tell you what little girl, you need to understand that every thing I state holds water and backs my opinion. Just because you don't agree with my statement means that you need to learn that everyone is entitled to something or other. It's time to grow up and respect other peoples opinions.

Do I flame you, I think not.

You also need to remember, I have been attending Geaga Lake annually since 1976. My expectations are high of the park since I have seen them at their best.

Last year, their standards were way up high (despite being owned for less than 2 months) Bill and the gang did an exceptional job during the season. I talked with him on several occasions.

As I stated before, before I was rudely and immaturely thrown for a loop, It felt as opening day 2005 was "LESS PREPARED THAN OPENING DAY 2004"

Wolf Bobs again WAS a disappointment. The ride is nearly finished, but I was anticipating a COMPLETE overhaul (minus the last few seasons of retracking) of what was still needed. The High Fan Curve Needed the retracking as much as everything else that was done.

And one more thing that will probally jepordize my Coasterbuzz membership:
About my "bedroom performance"... Go ask you mother!

but, John Peck...

What does this have to do with ellen the coaster loving fear-nothing GO GETTEM! employee with a posse that numbers in the thousand and a heart (and eyeglasses) of gold?

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Mike asked: What does it have to do with her?

Well, in the words of Dark Helmet: "Absolutly Nothing"

By the way, when I posted that I was Drunk so I got out of control, I still believe in what I say, but the ignorant **** could have been left out. Sorry about that.

Anyway, it's like this, I feel you aren't giving CF their fair chance. I've been going to the park since 1986, you've been going since 76', right? So, this makes me ask you, why are you all over the first four days of operation in 2005? If you've been going to the park that long, then you should know it's only fair to give CF time, simply because you should know CF hasn't owned it since 76'. I could see being fed up with them then. They had it for a year and you talk down on them like they have had the place for 5+ years at least.

I think one of the problems is that the GP can't keep up with how the park was constantly changing the last few years, and got fed up. This is why I say it's gonna take time, time for those people to realize that this GL is here to stay.

The one thing I agree with you on is that the place needs more work. CF knows that, and I'm sure they probably would have liked another month before opening day. However thats still not enough time to take care of it all.

When a place needs work SF rushes to fix it all now. Thats why they ultimately fail. CF takes things one step at a time, for long term growth. the long term will more than make up for the short term. Why can you not see that? I'm trying real hard to take this back to a civilized conversation. By the way, when november rolls around, we'll talk about this again.

lakecrystal said:
when I posted that I was Drunk so I got out of control,

I find it amusing that you would post drunk on this 'family' site. In your own words, drunk enough to get out of control.

Weren't you the one threatening people who drank at parks that if they came across your path you'd kick their butts? How conveniently hypocritical of you.

I still have my suspicions of what the crystal in your moniker denotes. SNORT

Yeah is Good!

lakecrystal said:
By the way, when I posted that I was Drunk so I got out of control.

You were drunk at 11:16 in the morning? Sounds like your trying to make an excuse. That or you probably have a drinking problem. I meen 11:16 in the morning, come on.

Just out of curiosity, what difference does it make when you drink alcohol? Sure it sounds abnormal but does it really matter? It's just an arbitrary social norm. Kinda like how people look at you funny if you have tacos for breakfast (but curiously, eating breakfast food for dinner is accepted).
I drink but I don't rant thoughtlessly on Coasterbuzz. That's what the WCFC forums are for! ;)
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Nah, here you *rant thoughtfully*...;)

Happy Birthday Rob, and many more. Hopefully I'll get to run into you in July in the Garden State!

I hope you all know that I work at night,and my evenings are around 10 in the morning. The crystal in my name is a play on camp crystal lake from friday the 13th. And yes I ***** about drunks inside th park, I'm not in the park, I'm at home. I'm typing on a computer. And at least I apologize for my actions unlike most drunks.
Drinking alone in front of the computer makes you sound like way less an alcoholic.

By the way, I commend the guy who made the crystal joke. Also whoever called her hundreds of freinds a posse deserves some credit.

lakecrystal, hopefully you won't challenge me to a deathmatch next time I am drinking in a park. On the other hand. . .'My dad can beat up your dad'.

Lets get these daring nerdy Ellen updates up. You left me on edge. *** Edited 5/19/2005 4:23:18 PM UTC by Word***

Down is the new up.
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It's okay... but when you attacked me back there, I had to get back at you.

Many of you know that I'm more of a "park fan" than a "coaster nut" I don't compare something like Six Flags to a Park like Camden. I love all parks for what they are. And those of you know have been reading this thread and don't really know me well, should know that I LOVE CEDAR FAIR.

Cedar Fair.. in my opinion, is one of the best run companies in the amusement industry. Their ship is tight, they are professional, they care about their guests, and their stock always (unless something goes worng) posts a profit.
They do screw up, but no one is perfect.

But take Paramount or Six Flags, which have equal or more money, have been in the industry for over a decade (by then they should have it right) and can't open up a simple attraction on time, when CF can, and thats when I get annoyed.

Now, with that said, you can see I have VERY HIGH expectations for this chain. Others I don't. (because it's "normal" for them)

If Six Flags opens a coaster late, it's "normal"
If CF opens a coaster late, it's "annoying or irregular"

If RCA builds a cheap CD player, thats normal, if SONY does, it's unusual

If A Dodge Neon cracks a head at 80,000 miles, then well, you get what you pay for... if it happens to a Honda, then it's really odd.

So, comparing apples to apples, the park seemed more prepared on OPENING DAY last year under CF management. (perhaps they were just over-prepared to be safe)

I didn't say I didn't have fun, I just had a "so-so" time. Meaning an okay time. The rides were as fun as always, and Bid Dipper was running great, but there is more to see and do. Now, since it was opening day,
I am aware that things still needed done, and if Im saying a So-So time around the end of June, then there will be noticeable problems.

There are things that could have waited for others, but the Wolf Bobs refurbishment really irked me. When they can do so much as rebuild a good 1/6 of the ride, why couldn't then have replaced a couple rails on the turn? It was the second-most violent part of it, it kills a ton of the trains' speed, and they chose to skip it this year.

Maybe they ran out of money in that budget, maybe they ran out of time, but I do know for a fact that the ride is "done for now" in their opinions

rollergator said:
Nah, here you *rant thoughtfully*...

Happy Birthday Rob, and many more. Hopefully I'll get to run into you in July in the Garden State!

Thanks for the compliment and the birthday wishes! I have a Post-It note on my desk (not the most hi-tech reminder but the most effective) reminding me of your "NJ arrival" and plan on meeting up with you. What is your agenda, by the way?

So word, what do you want to know about Ellen. I posted some stuff in my last post if you wanna see.

~~~~Coaster Lover~~~~~~~~~~

Lord Gonchar said:
Top to bottom this is the weirdest thread ever. :)

I read through this thread and can honestly say I have no idea what is going on! :)

[url=""]Geauga Guide[/url]

one thing i was happy about was the fact they finally had totes/bags in the crazy foam ball factory place...

as a downside, though... almost everything in the place was malfunctioning -- unlike last year :(

-- alan jacyszyn

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Yeah, I didn't manage a Villian ride due to it breaking down on me, but oh well, rides are machines.

I've got a seasons pass, so I'll try it again.

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