Anyone who went to Geauga Lake on opening day?

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who ever went to Geauga Lake on opening was your ride on Raging Wolfbobs (if you went on) who do you think was the most motivated worker there? Did you see a geeky looking girl with glasses? Did she look motivated and was she nice? I was there and I can honestly say that was one of the better rides I was on. *** Edited 5/18/2005 1:48:15 AM UTC by "E"Coster Gurl***

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The retracking of the ride was very very, and one last time very nice. I didn't spend the day observing the workers either, I was having a crazy time with my friends as always. Def a little more crowded than I anticapated it to be though for opening day. Overall it was great, only complaint's were The op's seemed a little sloppy, maybe they still have to break into their roles of how things work.

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Bob's was a HUGE disappointment!!! The re-tracking was fine, or what lack there of.. of it. They skipped retracking the high fan-curve, which was all torn up by the Trailered PTC's years prior.

The opts were okay.. they seemed less than thrilled to be there

My day was less that lackluster. Theres lots of work needed still.

Opening day or not, to me, it felt like the Six Flags days....
(Last years opening day seemed much more organized than last week)

That geeky girl is my cousin. Yes she is nice, and this is no lie

her name is ellen if you dont believe me. I was very happy to see her working and yes i was there opening day.

I thought it was much improved over last years ride.

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I have one last post here, Im not lying at all on that being that she is my cousin, if you get a chance ask her if her cousins name is Geoff, and has an aunt sue who rode the ride.

Cause we did on opening day, and to be honest i am very proud of her having a job at the amusement park. I am an avid coaster rider and that is one thing that makes me more happy that someone else in my family is into amusement parks other than me and my mom.

So i thank you E. Coster Girl for saying something nice about her here, because she is a person that i think gets a quick look as a person that isnt so cool or that people actually would bother to give a thought about!

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As you both describer her as the "nerdy looking girl". . .

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She sounds like the type of girl I'd date, but i didn't see her.

I still had a so-so time at the park.

Hey John peck, you voiced your opinion about your trip there more than once. I loved my trip there, and I'm getting sick of your 2 cents being added into every freakin post. You have way too high of expectations.

I remember the confrence call last year about the purchase, and somewhere it was stated that this park would take several years to bring back to great status. They expected the hit in attendance because of the animals.

They are well prepared, they have a long term plan. WWK itself spans 2 years. And the first phase hasn't even opened yet!!! Look at Dorney Park, that place was horrible in attendance the year CF bought it. now, it's one of there most successful parks. Thats after 10 years. They go for long term planning, a smart company with a great track record does that.

The way you think sounds like Six Flags. "Just hurry and make everything great." A So so time eh? is that what your wife says to you in bed? Cause you sound like a real Peck I mean Prick.

If you had a so so time then why do you come back? They don't need you, a hardass critic who will never think anything is good enough. So just stay out and shut up. *** Edited 5/18/2005 3:19:10 PM UTC by lakecrystal***

ummmmm dang
Hey lakecrystal! I don't really like Geauga Lake either!! Do me next! Do me next!! :-D

MagnunBarrel said:
her name is ellen

Well there's a coincidence ;)


Homely, don't you think Alicia would have a problem with that?;)

lakecrystal said:

If you had a so so time then why do you come back? They don't need you, a hardass critic who will never think anything is good enough. So just stay out and shut up.

What the hell is wrong with you? Did something crawl up you *ss and die?

The guy offered an honest opinion, which is a lot more useful than your idiotic comment about his performance in bed. If he found the Bobs to be a disappointment, why should he have said otherwise? The park was supposed to have the coaster completely fixed by now. It's not completely fixed and thus gives a poor ride. Why does that make him a hardass critic? It makes him truthful in my book.

I had a great experience at Geauga Lake last year and fell in love with the Big Dipper, which was running much better than it was in 2002. Still, the park needed a lot of work and unless people point that out, they will get complacent and ignore what needs to be done. A long-term plan is nothing unless executed.

Yeah, he's truthful, but he doesn't need to throw it into every damn post dealing with Geauga Lake. And by the way, how I was told things, is that the RWB is getting a section done every year, so that it can be open for the whole season each year.

Once again they are doing things one step at a time. I'm just fed up with ol' Peckerwood's comments. Why do you go to a park, and then have a bad day, then come home and blab for days about your so so experience? Once is enough, so the more you post it, the more a person like me is gonna be there, by CF's side defending them to the death. you understand me?

He doesn't need to throw truth into "every damn post" dealing with Geauga Lake? I suppose it would be better for him to throw lies into each post instead?

No, I don't understand you. Because Mr. Peck has an issue with a Cedar Fair park, why does that mean you have to defend them so relentlessly? If you feel the need to jump to the company's defense each and every time someone says something bad about one of their parks, that makes you just as bad as you claim him to be.

And I don't think he is doing anything wrong. The fact that he goes to a park that he faults obviously indicates that he *wants* to like the park. I didn't like Hercules @ Dorney but I always made it a point to ride it because I always hoped that the ride would miraculously get better. I have a feeling that he hopes Geauga Lake will improve one day so he does have something nice to say about the place.

And the Wolf Bobs overhaul wasn't supposed to take this long- it should have been done by now. Why does a company that has the money to build $25M TTD at Cedar Point not have a few hundred thousand more to finish Wolf Bob's rehab work instead of putting it off another year? By the time the ride is finished, it will be time to start all over again.

i know ellen and I didn't mean she is geeky like not popular and has no friends. trust me she has friends, plenty of them and they keep growing... you see this is her 1st year not being afraid to ride coasters or anything. I went with her to GL on Sunday May 15th and she told me she was going on every coaster. She would have except when she went to go on Big Dipper they said it was broke. The way she got over her fear of coasters she claims is when she had to do a lift walk on Wolfbobs and she got to the top and looked straight down. She rode on most of the coasters twice. well i'll keep you up to date on new stuff.

Also If anyone has pictures from opening day 2005 can you please send me the link.

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Top to bottom this is the weirdest thread ever. :)

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Yeah, but it got REALLY weird at the very, very bottom ;)
^ I won't even touch that one!!

Wolf Kabobs is running better this year than it ever has. It still has it's moments where it turns into a cement mixer on the swamp curve, but the parts they fixed are much better than before. The second drop is more exciting now it's been reshaped and banked. It's a heck of a lot better than what Cedar Fair has done to Mean Squeak (which I rode Sunday). It just really irks me that you can build an entire coaster in a year, but it takes three or four to retrack one that has run poorly for years.

BTW...they didn't even start working on this "completion of the rehab project" until mid-late February. When I saw that, I knew they wouldn't get it done this year. But at least the coaster is running much better!!

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Lord Gonchar said:
Top to bottom this is the weirdest thread ever. :)

You don't like the new "Ellenbuzz"? :)

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