Any Idea what this is? (Kozmo dropping hints on new ride)

Ride control systems are almost always third party and are used by various manufacturers. There is no way to tell what type of ride the pictured control board is for let alone the ride manufacturer.

I have no doubt that what Knoebels will install for 2015 will be revealed sooner rather than later and that most will be pleased.

Seen a lot of dumb post in this thread, So I'll give it a shot.

Whatever Knoebels is adding with be right for Knoebels and enjoyed by Someone. For the ones it isn't geared too, It will be another thing to do in a already loaded park. Or not. :)

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You're right. That was another dumb post.

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Heres what it is.

I wouldn't be disappointing at all but I guess some of you would.

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I'm not an expert, and I don't even play one on TV...but is this similar to Sky Rocket at KW? I enjoyed that more than I thought I would.

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The layout looks somewhat similar, but these are individual cars with a chainlift as opposed to trains with a launch. It's a nice addition to the park. Anyone know the manufacturer?


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It looks like a penis with loops.


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Looks like a Gerstlauer Eurofighter to me.

- R.A

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I was hoping something like Wicked - not a big fan of vertical lifthills. In ANY case, I'm sure it'll be great for the park (and shorten the lines for Phoenix and Turns).

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In the Facebook comments, Knoebels said the manufacturer is Zierer.

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^Clearly I need to spend more time on FB!

That is GREAT news, as I don't believe there are any vertical-lift Zierers...Wicked would be AWESOME....(although that would take time away from Phoenix and Turns, and bumper cars and flyers). Shoot, I guess I'll need a third day since I already feel like PPP just isn't enough time, even with hangover day included.

edit: Sad news (for me at least) - app. Zierer is *going* to add a vertical lift to the arsenal. KG confirmed vertical lifthill on their FB page...

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They also said this will be replacing the bumper boats and Boat Tag, which I assume will close that little street between them, near the Skyride. That will certainly be a different view when driving in.

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Tekwardo said:
Maybe that's what they'll name it.

Called it!

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