Any chance for a 2014 BooBuzz ?

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Hi guys,

I had an awesome time at BeastBuzz which made me check the schedule for the next event and I was sad to see there were no more events on the schedule for 2014...

So, I'm just wondering if there is any chance of having a BooBuzz with ERT in the morning this year?
(I was at a BooBuzz around 2008 and it was a fun event.)

... If BooBuzz isn't an option, are there any other options for a CoasterBuzz event with ERT at other parks? (Kennywood or Waldameer perhaps?)



I would love to see another event added next year, but I doubt we will see anymore club events this year.

There is a GOCC event at CP in September that Coasterbuzz members are welcome at I believe.

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Didn't CP do a club-agnostic event last year in the fall? As I recall, that's why we didn't do one, as there wouldn't have been much point in that.

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Yep. Last year, Cedar Point hosted a media preview day for Zombie High School to which all recognized clubs were invited. It was hosted on the first night of HalloWeekends, Friday, September 13, 2013. Gatekeeper ERT was awesome and lines near non-existent, so re-rides were allowed (10 in 50 minutes). If they're not planning another media day, I'd definitely be interested in a BooBuzz return. :)

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Yeah I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another CP hosted event in mid September. Nothing has been announced yet, but they always have new stuff at Halloweekends to market, it's just a question of whether they do a full event with invites to enthusiasts.

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It would be nice if CP has a media day or event with ERT ;o)

DragonRider, thanks for the info! I found it with a google search, no details yet on ERT, but the date is September 7th and CoasterBuzz members are welcome:

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Details have been posted at that same link. Tour of a new haunt and ERT on Blue Streak and Magnum.

Quite convenient for me....that Sunday is the day after Virginia Tech plays at Ohio State.

"We need more 'Bort' license plates in the gift shop. I repeat, we are sold out of 'Bort' license plates."

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Dang! A little too late. I already bid my Sept work Sched. Oh well. Perhaps pt. 2?

Yikes, it has been 5 years since I did BooBuzz (2009). The ERT on Maverick was super awesome!

It would be fun to have a return to BooBuzz in the future.

It appears the event on September 7th is a weekend before Halloweekends begins.

Looking forward to a BooBuzz event in the future!

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Here's your BooBuzz equivalent this year:

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Only downside is that CBuzz doesn't allow club members under 13. I'd really like to take my 8 year old to this. Looks like every attendee needs a membership.


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Yeah, that's a legal limitation. I can't collect personal data from kids under 13.

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Is anyone else from Coaster Buzz planning to attend the HalloWeekends Preview Party at Cedar Point this Friday?

Free admission, free dinner, ERT on Gatekeeper, early ride time, exclusive scare time at the new Hexed haunted house, first night of HalloWeekends, etc.

Dale from Dayton

We will be there. Last years event was outstanding.

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I will be there. Just me.

Last year's Halloweekends Kick-Off Event was pretty darn epic, so I'll definitely be there. 10 rides on GateKeeper in 50 minute, only getting off after the first three rides. Probably won't be able to do that this year, though, since last year everyone was at Millennium Force, of course. :)

It was a great event last year, so we will be there this year again.

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Is it too late to become a member and get a card then? A friend is visiting from out of town. We are going to CP anyways, but this event would really make the trip nice!

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It is too late, unfortunately. There is no way to get a card to you fast enough.

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You should be a member anyway, Tommy. It makes the world so much nicer.

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