Another person hit by inverter after entering restricted area

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Alton Towers confirmed today that a boy suffered lacerations to head after entering restricted area of Alton Towers' Nemesis, being struck by the train. The ride was emergency stopped as soon as the crew became aware of his entry to the area. His injuries do not appear to be life-threatening.

A similar incident last Sunday killed an employee entering the restricted area of Six Flags Over Georgia's Batman.

Read the press release from Alton Towers.

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Why would people enter a restricted area?

Even if I lost something I would not be that stupid...

I almost feel sorry for these people because of there lack of common sense.

I fool so feelish....

Wow he is so lucky he survived.

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Exactly's his own fault for being dumb enough to enter a restricted area. I feel more sorry for the person who's leg hit's him.*** This post was edited by MFRULES 4/13/2003 4:25:53 PM ***

Wow - much of the action on Nemesis happens very close to the ground - if I chose to scale a fence on an inverted, Nemesis would be the last one I would pick. It's fast, dives in and out of the ground, and traverses a "pit" filled with jagged rock edges. That person may have had a death wish....

What's harder to believe is that this person entered the coaster's interior property from the station area. From what I can remember (and the details are hazy), there's no "safe" path into or out of the station unless you're 1.) on the coaster itself; or 2.) in one of the entrance queues or exits. Pretty gutsy, I'd say - just looking at Nemesis up close makes me nervous....not to mention going into a restricted area around the ride.

Could the boy have possible ventured onto the lift? Looking at pictures of Nemesis, I'm pretty sure theres not a mid-course brake run that the train could have E-stopped on, correct?

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These are terrorists, taking out all of our favorite rides, one day at a time.

But seriously, this is getting out of hand. The Batman guy and the kid should first not be past the fence, second should have heard the train coming, and third DON'T GO PAST THE FENCE! Duhh.

There is no mid-course brake run on Nemesis. *** This post was edited by ophthodoc on 5/30/2002. ***

Alton Towers very much regrets this incident and will of course continue to monitor the boy’s condition.

Thats pretty nice of them considering it was the boys fault.

OrientExpressKid- even though he may have been able to hear the coaster approaching, it's probably even more challenging to judge the speed of a coaster when the speed of a normal train going down a straight track is hard enough to judge as it is.

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Well, now markey is gonna want electric fences installed around the ride.
Can we please Stop with the Markey Comments... they are totally unneeded and just get so annoying. Please Stop. =o)

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i will be going Alton Towers on monday so i will try and find out which part of nemesis he got into
Gosh, this is getting bad. When will people start useing the brains that they were so graciously blessed with. I have been going to amusement parks since I was six, and not once have I ever thought about going into any sort of restricted area, are doing anything besides what I was told to do. And I am known to be pretty clumbsy sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for the kid, but he had it coming. Every accident hurts the amusement park industry a great deal, if people hear about accidents, than all these urban legends come up, and people don't visit the parks anymore.

no.1 who the hell is the markey git

no.2 what incompetant reatrd would even think about wandering into nemesis's pit, they would need to be suicidal, and now the worlds scariest coaster just got very bad publicity, this follows on to when some other retards threw coins infront af one of the fast going trains and seriously hurt someone.

im pissed

Markey is a US congressman, who wouldn't be able to do anything with this because its in another country people.

Proud supporter of Agressive Negotiations. *** This post was edited by joey isch on 5/30/2002. ***

Arg! What is going on?! It seems like the media's gonna start covering all these FREAK accidents like mad now, so we might hear from Markey later if more, minor accidents are brought up. Man, this sucks!
joey isch:

Markey, the CPSC, etc. will and do use anything they can to pretend to make their point. This has documentedly included:

1) Accidents in other countries.

2) Calling fatalities to workers assembling a ride a ride accident to the public.

3) Calling a fatality on a water slide a ride accident even though their definition of an amusement ride specifically excludes water slides.

4) Listing a "ride related brain injury" even though the victem reported symptoms of the brain injury while waiting in line for the ride.

These people will manipulate information in any contorted fashion they can fool the public into believing what they want them to believe.+
*** This post was edited by Jim Fisher on 5/30/2002. ***

what is going on...we should all go to CP because they're not having any accidents...
i wish i could, i live in new zealand so i cant


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