Amusement parks closed because of terrorist threat

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In the recent terrorist attacks against the US, all four Disney resorts have shut down as well as Universal parks, Anheiser Busch Parks and all remaining amusement parks across the US have been asked to shut down according to MSNBC.

[CNN also confirms the closure of Disney Orlando parks. -Gregleg]

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Something like this shows how silly the arguing about which coaster is best, or coolest, or whatever is. I'm just glad we were in Orlando last week instead of this week.
I agree, it certainly puts our discussions about coasters in perspective, doesn't it?

rollergator - intent on improving the "guest experience" - coming soon to a park near you

I hope President Bush finds these pigs that did this type of terrorism!  I may cancell my trip to Ceadr Point as a percaution until all of this is over.
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I'm horrified about this.. that all i can say.
I hate to say it, but my first reaction when I heard what was going on was that they might attack disney world since it's a symbol of America
KBF is closed too.
My prayers go out to all the victims of this horrible attack on our democracy.
Not meaning to minimize in any way the scope of the disaster today, but still.....

So we react to the terrorists by doing exactly what they want us to do, right?

Put the orthopaedists on full alert; watch for strained ankles with all those jerking knees...

--Dave Althoff, Jr.


Imaging the parks don't shut down and then something happens...there would be no getting over that.

The precautions are in place to protect people - I agree that it seems as if we're doing just what the terrorists want, if we even can pretend to know that may be. But what is important is to clear out crowds so that they do not become a target. In such a horrendous situation, it certainly is better to over react rather than not react at all. Prayers and thoughts to everyone involved ... and to all of us.

Po!nt of View: A different look at Roller Coasters.

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Even if this is how the terrorists wanted us to react, how do we react differently? If there was a psychopath walking the streets killing folks for whatever reason, wouldn't you hope that the police would put an end to him?

In terms of knee-jerk reactions, I just hope our citizenery does not sink down to their level and take it out on folks with middle eastern decent.

This is terrible.

Yeeee Haaawwww!

Well, if you've ever wondered what Pearl Harbor was really like, now you're getting some very good ideas, aren't you? I agree with janfrederick though, I hope that we don't repeat some of the mistakes that we made in our reactions to Pearl Harbor by venting our own hostilities on ALL people of Middle Eastern decent. Most of the Middle Eastern people in this country as as innocent as the victims of these attacks were, so we cannot allow ourselves to assume that just because someone happens to be Middle Eastern does not mean that they are necessarily one of the conspirators involved in this horrible atrocity.
I think the closing of all parks for a short time should be done not just for safety but, also out of respect for all those who lost their lives. I also think all sporting events should be cancelled tonight also. It is proper for our country to take this time to reflect and pray for all the families that this horror has touched as well as our great nation.
No matter how prepared we are, no one could ever have expected this.  I for one am completely floored.  Not only do I work in the Aviation Industry, I am also a Reservist.  It's time for us to step back, take a deep breath and get ready to kick some ass!
bill hall- i just heard that indeed all MLB games have been cancelled tonight, as they should.
Okay, being 17, I always thought I'd be afraid to go to war and serve the U.S., but now, I'm all for it. As long as I know what I'm fighting for...
One of the senators who was interviewed on the news earlier said that it's good for our country to shut down for today and regroup itself in the aftermath of this horrible event. What the terrorists want is for our country to be paralyzed for a longer period of time. He assured everyone that Congress will be meeting first thing tomorrow morning and that the country's government will continue its activities immediately.  If we continue our precautionary measures at least for today and then concentrate on finding out who was responsible for this and how to keep it from happening again, we won't be giving the terrorists what they want.
Does anyone know if SFA will be open Saturday?
I would say for today, it's not a bad thought. Amusement parks are also a visible symbol of the US, especially the Busch, Disney, Paramount, and Universal parks, as well as Cedar Point and SFMM.

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