Amusement Park Bans Screaming.

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It's true.

read about it....

This is silly. Whats next, closing down factories because they make too much noise?

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

That is wrong. I hate stupid people.
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Funny. The mention that the ride you can't scream on is the Screamer and they show a picture of a Skyscraper. But the name of the Hi-Miler coaster there is the Screamer. What gives?

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Crazyness. Those people just don't understand.

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I can understand the neighbors' viewpoint. It doesn't seem like it was an existing amusement park.

The GM on-camera giving instructions on covering your mouth tightly is a bit over-the-top. The fun center is obviously trying to make a point.

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Everyday another stupid law in every community is passed. When are people gonna wake up and realize that the good of the few destroys the majorities freedoms? While this isn't a law yet, Whats next a muzzle?

Neighbors comparing the ride to a nuclear bomb? Invation of privacy from half mile away? Sorry but some cameras these days can look into your window and use infaread from a satalite 100 miles away. GET FRIGGIN REAL.

It's also Ironic living next to a 12 lane highway that screams would be a major issue. How bout that Jake brake?

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How silly. Maybe those complaining should just, um, move out? People who live within a stone's throw of an amusement park SHOULD expect it and deal with it.

What are they going to do next? Ban you from holding your arms up? People amaze me.

I have been to Scandia and it almost sits right next to the highway. That is MUCH louder than anything in the park.

If they really want to do something productive they should ban those annoying basketballs at parks. ;)


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I live in metro Chicago and there are no thrill rides within 20 miles of my house however, I cannot open my windows when it's nice outside unless I am prepared to listen to kids running up and down the street screaming and swearing and creating all kinds of noise. I've lived in this house for years, well before any of these kids were born or moved in. Does that give me the right to sue because their parents aren't making them keep quiet? Most communities, towns and cities have ordinances restricting noise above certain levels within certain hours. If this ride is only open during the hours that there is no restrictions on noise, in most places it's between 6 am and 10 pm, then there should be no further need for restriction.

Maybe I can sue for being woken up early every morning by the sound of my neighbor's power tools as they remodel their bathroom. Or for the other neighbors who tend to be extra noisy while being "romantic" with each other.

Article says:

"Neighbors who live in the shadow of the new ride across I-80"

So living next to an intersate is okay... but screaming riders on a ride is not?

ONLY in California.

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Um.. I don't know about you guys, but sometimes, I HAVE to let out a "wwhhaaaooooo!!!!!" or something going down a huge hill, or plummeting on a drop ride, it helps release stress created by the G forces of the ride. It's like you gotta let it out by screaming or yelling or laughing your head off, it's a natural reaction for just about everyone. Trying to ban it? How stupid, man people really have no lives these days or common sense.

Take for example. The concrete plant up the road. People have lived nearby for years and years, but only recently have been "OMG the DUST! the NOISE!!!" So now they are all in uproar with signs lining the road "KEEP OUT THE DUST!" and all this crap.

Honestly, what do people expect, you've lived with it for how long now, but just now complaining?

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I thought it was hysterical the one guy said people on the top of the ride could look into his backyard. LOL!! I'm sure all kinds of paparazzi are up on the ride with huge zoom lenses taking photos of him in his backyard. :rolleyes:

I agree noises are everywhere though. When I lived in NYC, I heard people screaming, talking, shouting, sirens, etc... At college I lived near a hospital with a helipad. My place in FL is near railroad tracks. Here on the island, people are sometimes too loud at the pool outside my window. But, I deal. Noise is a fact of life.

If that ride was open 24 hours a day, then I could see their issue. But, I'm assuming the park opens and closes at a reasonable hour.

Is screaming consider speech or a noise. Can it be protected under free speech?


With every scream, there's money rolling into their community...

What's next, A noise ban in Bristol TN during Nascar Races?

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halltd said:
If that ride was open 24 hours a day, then I could see their issue. But, I'm assuming the park opens and closes at a reasonable hour.

As late as 1am depending on the time of year and day of the week.

Just for clarity, this is just a little FEC-type place that recently added a skyscraper. Not a park in the sense that the sounds of screaming riders was always there.

Just saying...

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...screaming isn't free speech unless it's at a reasonable decible level (which wouldn't be screaming at that point).

...otherwise it's considered noise-pollution.

But isn't noise in the ear of beholder?

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Whoa, what a sec here.

Scandia Amusement Park? The same Scandia park that had the "Caution : Low flying aircraft" sign going up the lift of Screamer when I was there?

So you're saying that there's a noise problem? From the park? What's that above the lift?

Something I'm missing here. Amusement park, next to a busy highway and directly underneath a flight path approaching the runway to one of the busiest airports in the world is creating a noise problem?

I'm sorry, I'm going to have to chalk this one up to "Dumb Californians," and I do mean this! Your property values are in jeopardy? Don't you think your property value isn't already overinflated? But hey I'd LOVE to drop $350k on a shack in southern Cali! Thanks for playing!

~Rob Willi

I didn't know Scandia had a skyscraper... *LOVE* those things.. maybe I need to back to California sometime before next March.. :)

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It doesn't sound like these neighbors are going to be willing to draw a compromise, something like operating the ride within certain hours.

Without coming out and saying it, it sounds like they want the ride removed, no questions asked. One guys even refers to it as an eyesore which will drop property value.

Lookout for the Disney "scream shields", coming to a park near you! ;)

BULL!!!! If those nieghbors don't like it, they can move! either that or the park can be willing to play for more noise insylation, like some airports do.

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