Alton Towers "is still too noisy"

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A couple living near the Alton Towers theme park in Staffordshire have told the High Court it is still too noisy. Owner Tussauds Theme Park Ltd was ordered to cut noise levels in 2005 after complaints about noise nuisance. The crown court later raised these levels, but Stephen and Suzanne Roper have taken the park to court again, saying levels are still too high.

Read more from The BBC.

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The park was there first, you dumba**es. You don't like being near them....THEN MOVE!
Reminds me of SFA. If you live near a theme park, you should expect some noise. How bad could it be?
I Hate people like that. Sunset Speedway here in Nebraska got the same treatment after being there for at least a couple decades and then some high end housing got built and the neighbors complained because of the noise and they tore it down.
You never hear anyone complaining about hearing high school football games from their house. Yet here in Omaha the football stadiums are in neighborhoods and can definitely be heard from home.

I really Hate people who move in and then can not handle the noise.

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Well said George.
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It's at least possible that some of the SFA locals weere in the area before the park was around (or at least anything of note). I remember driving by there in the early 80s...the "park" made less noise than a school playground.

Alton Towers does seem to have the WORST neighbors of any park...IB had some doozies to be sure, and Beech Bend has its detractor (singular, LOL). But for whatever reason (England? I dunno)...Alton's neighbors are more vocal, and apparently more *heard* than seemingly any others.

How's that roof over Ghostrider doing? ;) ROFL! :)

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I used to live by an airport, cruise ship terminal, railroad, trolly, and freeway all at the same time. I should have sued every last one of the people responsible for that racket. Sure the economy would have collapsed in the area, but at least it'd be nice and quiet.


^Or the scream guards on Maliboomer and "tunnels" on Cali Screamin' at DCA for that matter. ;)*** This post was edited by janfrederick 3/21/2007 11:25:37 AM ***

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I love the concept of a "scream guard," much like a "sneeze guard." :) As with the shed over Ghostie's drop, I think the tunnels on California Screamin' enhance the ride. Yay for something positive coming out of whiny neighbors. :)
I live down the street from a hospital. I should sue the hospital for all the emergency traffic, sirens at all hours, helicopters every 15 minutes, and cop cars.then

I'll sure the manufacturers for all the copters, EMT units and cop cars, (you got it, Ford and GM!)

When that stalls, I'll sue the drivers and the injured people. Why? Because i can!

I figure, after they let me out of the looney bin, the movie and book rights might be worth something.;)*** This post was edited by FLYINGSCOOTER 3/21/2007 1:37:10 PM ***
*** This post was edited by FLYINGSCOOTER 3/21/2007 1:37:47 PM ***

It's simlar to a situation here in NH. New Hampshire Internatioal speedway is is Loudon, NH. The neighbors are ALWAYS complaining about the traffic & such. The track's been around for about 15 yars now and is a large source of tax (AND tourist) revenue for the town.
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I think that out of good faith, the park should buy their neighbors a nice big box of ear plugs....for they don't have to hear the whining. ;)
^Great concept.

Maybe we Coasterbuzzers should pitch in and buy the park workers and management earplugs so they don't have to hear the whining neighbors. ;)

What would you rather hear? A coaster and screams or some whiny, po'd tart with too much time on her hands and not enough brains to figure how to use it.

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What did Jeff used to say?

Oh yea, its time to call the WAAAAABULANCE!!

Lol, how long has the park been there? These people knew about the park when the moved there.Hell, maybe I should sue the school that is right across the street from my house because I hate the sound of busses and school bells.

Oh is the history of the park.

Looks like the park was there before the ropers were even a thought.

Apparently, the stereotype about greedy Americans and frivolous lawsuits isn't exclusive to the US.
This is unbelievable. Alton Towers is by far the quietest park I have ever been to. If you're at one end of the park you can't hear any of the other rides at all. That place felt more like a "park" than an amusement park. It was so relaxing because there were so many places that were so quiet and shaded and such. The only thing that you can hear from all over is Corkscrew's lift motor, which makes quite a racket.

Perhaps this couple lives near the Northwest corner of the park where Corkscrew and Rita are located?

The most ironic thing about this continuing lawsuit which has been ongoing since I joined this site around 2000 is that the family filing the suit owns a textiles-type factory in a nearby town that is constantly sued for noise violations, pollution violations, etc.

The worst part about the whole story is that Alton constantly caves to these people rather than sticking to their guns.

Tony, they still complain about the noise at Millard South, and that is the same reason Creigton Prep doesn't have a field.
Go ahead and revoke my enthusiast credentials, but I'm actually going to side with the Ropers. Why? According to an earlier article on the same page, it says they moved into their house ten years before any coasters where added. AT added the first one--a Corkscrew--in 1980.

I think the big problem with saying the park was there before any neighbors is that you're not presenting all the evidence. Obivously, there was housing there according to the history that someone linked to. The grounds were primarily used for traveling carnivals. That's a huge difference between what it was and what it is today.

Let's face it, B&Ms are obnoxious noise-makers if not filled-in with sand like Talon. The worst part about B&Ms (and Premier-launched coasters) is that the frequencies generated are very low. Low frequencies can travel for very long periods of length. That's why you here that Hummer banging-out the latest Neptunes-produced track from a mile away.

I do however think that 50db is awfully low for some kind of standard. I can get ten people (maybe fewer) talking at a loud volume and I could easily get a reading of 70db.

rablat5, how bad could living near SFA be? Well Ben, as you and I know all too well, Joker's Jinx causes the majority of the noise complaints, particularly during fall. Even with the burms, I remember reading about a neighbor who had to run his air-conditioning all the time to drown out the noise.

In SFA's favor, Wild World/Adventure World was there a lot longer running rides and roller coasters long before some of the McMansions started to be built around the park. However, I think it's some of the older neighborhoods that have issues with the park. The one time I visited Wild World, I remember rt. 214 (Central Ave.) being lined with trees. That certainly isn't the case anymore.

I think it's a matter of the roper's being sued, so they're pissed off about noise. "If we get sued for this, let's sue the park"

I agree with the sentiment - if you don't like it MOVE! Alton Tower's isn't holding a gun to their heads forcing them to live there and endure the screams, coasters, etc.

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Brett said: "The worst part about the whole story is that Alton constantly caves to these people rather than sticking to their guns."

Seems to me like AT isn't fighting the Ropers directly, but the court system seems to be more *accommodating* to the Ropers than to AT...that's MY take on it, anyway... ;)

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