Alleged drunk guy restrained by other guests at Disney California Adventure

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A video uploaded to YouTube shows an apparently drunk guy taking a swing at a security guard at Disney California Adventure near the Tower of Terror entrance. After being pepper sprayed, he's eventually restrained by several other guests as they wait for security to arrive, which takes about three minutes.

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Maybe the guy with the spray was pretending to be a cop (Respect my athorityyyyeee), and doing what he saw on TV.

If a guy is taking swings and tripping the crowds belligerently, and got his shoulder dislocated in the process of getting pinned by me and any other 250 pound musclemen, it would still be his own stupid fault. The guys who pinned this drunkard were acting heroically, in my opinion. They prevented this guy from hurting anyone else until the Police or more security could arrive.

I don't know what I would do if the man was black (probably the same thing), female, or a killer circus midget dressed as a clown (shiver). What Would You Do is a fascinating show sometimes, and that would make for a very interesting episode. I'm always cheering for the person who speaks up and helps out when I watch that show. I always boo and hiss at the people who ignore the situation and turns the other way. :)

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Lord Gonchar said:

Every single time I find myself answering with, "I'd walk the hell away as quickly as possible."

Not me. I'd start yelling "there are kids here!" - that seems to be just what the situation calls for.

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LostKause said:

I don't know what I would do if the man was {-snip-} a killer circus midget dressed as a clown (shiver).

I would not be able to pull out the video cam fast enough...

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