Aggressive peacock named in Busch Gardens suit

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A South Florida woman is claiming that a peacock attack at Busch Gardens 3-1/2 years ago has left her with "permanent bodily injuries and neurological damage," according to documents filed Wednesday in Hillsborough County Circuit Court. The suit said that the park is responsible for not training employees to deal with the birds, and adds that the bird was horny at the time of the attack.

Read more from The St. Petersburg Times.

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You try not laugh at people's misfortune, but it's really hard not to in circumstances like this. Of course, I can't help but wonder what the woman did to provoke the bird. Those bastards run around the Cleveland Zoo and don't want anything to do with humans.
I was thinking the same thing Jeff. You barely even see them at the Pittsburgh Zoo and when you do, you can't even get remotely close to them. Probably one too many kids chased after them, not that my daughter would ever do that ;)
... Or the occasional college student ... no we never ran after them screaming "pea-COCK" ... perhaps that's why the Pittsburgh Zoo ones are so shy now ;)

But seriously, even if it was lookin to "hit that" why would it peck her? And what kind of psychological damage could possibly result from that? Fear of zoos - oh no! I got my hand cut pretty badly by the front door of my office building three days ago - can I sue cause I'm afraid of doors now?

And lastly, 3 1/2 years later? Give it up already ...

It occures to me that being knocked to the ground and being scared to the ground are two different things. Peacocks are large birds but large enough to knock someone off their feet? I dunno. Maybe I shouldn't assume anything until I am charged by a raging peacock.
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A curse on that woman! May she never come in contact with a pea--or any kind of--cock again ;)
.....and it was a horny cock at that!!;);)
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Maybe she will charge the peacock with sexual harrassment? LOL!


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I think they should put the bird on the stand! ;)
Must See TV on NBC will never be the same to her!
LOL mark, that's good, (is rolling around on floor after reading things posted by Mamoosh and all other people) this is a rather... odd. I too have never seen a peacock attack anybody, only run away from people. I really don't think a peacock would have the strength to knock someone off his/her feet save small children and babies. But seriously, what did that stupid bird see in her?
It is just a matter of time before those pooping gulls at CP are going to lead to litigation! I was joking a few days ago

about this, and now I see how sad the truth has become! These birds are out of control! Funny stuff! Sad for the lady, but funny!*** This post was edited by Jeffrey R Smith 1/23/2004 12:11:12 AM ***

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Now why didn't I think about this when those abusive muffleheads congregated near my cabin last summer? Talk about emotional distress! ;-)


For those of you with a sick sense of humor, that got a laugh at this story (admit it---you chuckled a little)---check out this Vegas story from yesterday! This one is terrible (and quite funny in a sick way)!

Not exaxctly coaster related---but Vegas is a destination and entertainment center!

P.S. I actually drove right past this yesterday! I knew there was a crash, it never registered that I needed to look 4 stories in the air to find the source!

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No offense, Jeffrey, but I don't find anything remotely funny about that story, and I have a pretty twisted sense of humor.



Hey Moosh! No offense taken! You have to be way down in the gutter to laugh at that one! :-)
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Ever seen that movie where the people get together and have parties where they watch movies of actual car crashes?
This thread was so light and I just want to cry. [sniff] That's is a sad story [sniff].

Wood - anything else is an imitation

We could turn this into a discussion on the merits of senior citizens and driving licenses. Or we could discuss how the Golden Nugget is next in line to get the lawsuit handed to them! We all know they should have had a stronger wall to prevent somebody from running the car through the wall...........Agh.....probably best to keep this a sick post!

Though I must say there are some rude talk show hosts in Vegas that have no mercy on this story.........................................

P.S. Does anybody know if the Peacock lady was wearing loud colors on the day of the attack? The story does not say anything about it!*** This post was edited by Jeffrey R Smith 1/23/2004 7:22:26 PM ***

They must have hit the wall pretty fast for it to break free like that.

Anyway back to the Peecock. If I got the crap beat out of me by a bird I don't think I'd tell anyone. Although I did get chased by an angry chicken when I was 5 though. What a bully.

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