Accident on Magnum

WKYC is confirming an accident on magnum XL-200 with non-life threatening injuries. No details available yet.

I hope it's nothing too serious. :(:(
Here's a bit from someone who saw the aftermath:

It sounds like a collision on the brake run.

Have Fun

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That's not cool...

There goes Cedar Point's "perfect" track record... oh wait a minute...

Seriously, though... I think they're probably making it out worse than it can be... because the top speed of the collision would probably be about 10mph at most, which although at a stand-still would cause some whiplash & bruised legs... is probably going to be made out to be worse than what it really was.

I've been wondering when it would happen for the past 6-7 years...

At least everyone is ok.

Its still a great ride!
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The incident was caused when a train did not stop completely in the braking area and continued to roll into the holding area. The train was traveling less than 10 mph when it bumped the stopped train.

Damn, am I good or what?

It's very bad news. I love Maggie a lot, and it's hard to hear that she has malfunctioned.

I hope everyone is okay. The injuries didn't sound too bad.

I also hope CP or Maggie doesn't gain a bad rep for this. It all comes down to the guys who are inspecting the ride daily. If anyone is to blame, they are.

The ride overshot the brakes after the tunnel due to rain.


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Without knowing the exact cause of the incident you shouldn't make a blanket statement like 'It all comes down to the guys who are inspecting the ride daily. If anyone is to blame, they are."

Defective parts or faulty manufacturing certainly wouldn't be the fault of the ride inspectors if they had no prior knowledge of an existing problem.

I'm not flaming...I'm just saying.

- R.A

I agree, Rihard. It is far, far too early to make such statements. Hell, the damn incident didn't occur but three or four hours ago.

That's not fair to anyone.

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It's very bad news. I love Maggie a lot, and it's hard to hear that she has malfunctioned.

I think it will get turned into bad news, but it was not a big deal. One dude has an asthma attack and gets treated.


ok, just got home, the two trains crashed, but barely was in the 2nd car of the train that was hit..could barely feel it, any other park-story wouldnt even make the other news Maverick = Amazing, some were saying better than MF..i wont go that far, but simply a gem
A perfect reason to replace those ghastly trains.

Fate is the path of least resistance.

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^ What 'Tuan said! That ride could be SO much better. Let Morgan have a whack at those, ask for somethin' PR-like. ;)
Could this be the beginning of fitting magnetic brakes on some of the coasters?

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I don't think magnets would help in this situation cause you still need a set of brakes to stop the train completely.

Okay, maybe it was a little unfair for me to say that it could be the fault of the maintenance guys who inspect the ride every morning. I know a few of these guys personally and most of them are really nice guys.

If it was rain preventing the train from completely stopping, then it still could be those guys fault because they still walk from ride to ride and watch for potential problems. It is well known that sometimes Maggie doesn't stop until past the last block when it is wet.

But I will wait for an official blame to come out, if it ever does.

Sorry Chad and Herb, if you are reading this. I know your job can be tough at times.

The thing that is really bothersome to me is that CP has known of Magnum's "overshooting" problem for freakin' years, but has done nothing to fix it. The few times it was brought up, I was always told "Just don't stack. It won't happen if you don't stack." and that was it.

They relocated the retractable brakes on Millennium due to the overshooting problem in 2000 after a couple trains "bumped." Maybe now Magnum will finally get the treatment it's needed.

Definitely glad no-one was seriously injured.

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