A positive (for once) report regarding SFMM

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I rode X today.










F*** me.

When I get home, I will write the real TR. Until then, this short, but very appropriate expletive will have to do. :)

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

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One more thing. I meant that positively. Seriously.

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

I still hate you 2 for going to SFMM whilst I'm stuck at work. Oh well, I'll get X ERT.

Glad to finally talk to you 'phone to phone', robbio!

Have a safe trip home, pray for our trip out...

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I'm glad you got to ride X, Rob. I am looking forward to my first ride post-Solace.

They Live. We Sleep.

Spot on

You can go on for hours trying to explain how good X actually is.

But F**k me is the first thing i thought when the ride ended.

Very appropriate.

For those of us who a) live far from SFMM and/or b) were mocked by X's extremely late opening and were mocked by the closed beast during our visit, we say,

"F**k you, Rob" ;) LOL

--George H

Yeah I'm with Redman on this one! I don't even want to read your darn review now!!!

-Keith "Badnitrus" McVeen

After my first ride ended I thought "What the F**k just happened"? ;)
Loved it!

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I don't mean to be an ass, so please don't take my comments that way, but what is the point of this thread? I was excited when I read the thread title...and was looking forward to some "rare" Magic Mountain positive news.

I totally disagree with your opinion. Apparently, X was the only good thing about your trip, and you can't praise Magic Mt for that---that all Arrow's doing-they did create the ride, afterall.

As far as the rest of the park, you forgot to mention the one train operations of the coasters that were actually open, the disgust look of the park with trash everyone and a total lack of guest services.


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Rob! I am so happy for you! I am getting X as well (for the first time) next week. :-P

Thanks for the tease. :-D


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Congrats Rob...:)

My first ride(s) on X were QUITE similar, hehe...

Keith, I'd gladly give you ALL my rides on X (and everything else) to trade jobs with you, just for a week...

Oh, and olympic10086, while the Mtn. has (more than) its share of faults, one positive thing I will never forget is their willingness to take SUCH a gamble as building a ride as visionary and revolutionary as X...

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Olympic10086 - Did you actually READ Rob's first post...all the way to the VERY end...where he says a REAL report is coming SOON? Apparently not ;)

Rob just got home tonight...he'll post a proper trip report soon.


I agree. I heard and said a few bad words when X's cars rotated and faced down on the first drop. Of course, X-Flight and Superman are good flying coasters, but X just sticks it to them.
I'm looking at my trip there this weekend optimistically. Despite all the naysayers to SF, I've heard positive things lately, including some TRs that were positive from SFMM in the past couple months.

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The positive reports ive heard have been of the "they opened on time" or "only three coasters were closed" variety. :)

If this TR ever gets written maybe it will be different. The teaser trailer offered so far has made it seem like a winner!

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The thing I struggle with is that X is the only thing there I genuinely would consider a must-ride, and they don't exactly have a great track record of keeping things open.

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This is one of the best TR ever, well done. What a lot of reponses it's generated, for shall we say, so little input. Yes, that was a joke before you flame me.

Actually, I've heard more good TR about SFMM lately than bad, most of the bad stuff seems to come from peoples replies.

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Thanks for the responses. I will write the TR this evening, so expect a late post. Moosh might beat me to it, but I'm hoping he'll let me get my words in first. ;)

There was a lot to say about the day.....

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

RRv is absolutely a must ride. The best of the B&M Standups. I agree about everything else.
That was my reaction when I got off X a few weeks ago to Rob.

The coaster is just absolutely nuts, crazy, insane, holy crap, whoa, wow, what just happened? :)

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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