A new server for CoasterBuzz, plus membership updates

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Note: This is a reprint from the CoasterBuzz Newsletter, which is sent out periodically to members. You can subscribe by checking the "subscribe to mailing list" checkbox under "my account" then clicking "Save."


It has been coming for awhile, and the day has finally arrived... we have new hardware.

Commitment to members

For about six years, CoasterBuzz had been running on the same Web server. Generally speaking, I don't think that this is something most members would care about, so long as they can get their daily fix of roller coaster and amusement park content. The site wasn't running into any performance problems, but there were a number of concerns, for those who are technically inclined:

  • As anyone who has ever had a lot of computers knows, hard drives are mechanical things that eventually fail. It's not a matter of if, more a matter of when. After six years of continuous operation, it's easy to get nervous about failing hard drives, power supplies and exhaust fans.
  • Running on older hardware means an older operating system and older software. That puts a limit on future growth and innovation.

We probably could have gone on using the older server for some time, but improving the site is part of our commitment to its members, and especially members of CoasterBuzz Club. Thank you for your continued visits and club memberships. To make it a "break even" upgrade, we still need some new club members, and appreciate your support.

Membership cards and events

It's that time of year again when we close in on the big spring enthusiast events at Cedar Point and Holiday World. This year, they're the same weekend, but we still have the issue where club members are worried about getting their membership cards in time. There are several things you can do if you're concerned:

  • Renew earlier next year. You can actually renew at any time, and we'll add a year to your club membership and send a new card with the new expiration date. For example, if you renewed today, even though your expiration was 7/1/2010, the new expiration would be 7/1/2011. Renew early, don't worry.
  • If you mailed in your membership application, instead of paying online, you'll know that your payment was receieved because you won't see ads on CoasterBuzz once you're logged in.
  • To see if your membership card has been printed, login, click "my account" at the top, then, "CoasterBuzz Club Membership." Your expiration date will be shown. Click, "show transaction history" to see if your card has been printed.

CoasterBuzz Club still a great value

CoasterBuzz Club is just $25 USD per year, and club members enjoy the site advertising-free and have a private forum. We'll send you a membership card in the mail, giving you access to several enthusiast events and discounts. Join online here (with event details), or follow the links to the mail-in forms. Your membership keeps the engine behind the community running.

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