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ddogg said:

I've just got one question for the author here. When you say:

"The ride ratings for this park is the same as those given to the ones at Cedar Point. Ride ratings given are compared only to themselves and not to other rides."

How come you then go on to compare every single ride at Cedar Point to other rides that you had rode? How do you ever have fun at parks if you don't ride a ride with an open mind? This makes me quite upset when people are hypocrites.

And no, Millennium Force does not use friction brakes. Never has, never will.

Rating as in the 0-10 scale. Not my summary of the rides. Please get with the program! I feel that because I've done both Cedar Point and Magic Mountain now, I am one of the very few that are now able to actually compare both parks rightfully and justfully.

Well I guess each park has it's good and bad days, because are opinions seem to be the opposite. Oh well, I agree with you about BGW being clean though!! lol.

Top 5:
5)Raptor 4) Goliath 3) Sros @Sfdl 2) Ghostrider 1) Millennium Force
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Okay, I got most of my trip photographs of the rides scanned, so I'll give a link to the trip photographs if anybody wants to take a look. I'll wait for a few responses before I do.
I'll look at your pics! :) About the MF brake run, they are magnetic, not friction. The first set of them is just really loud because the blue cover over the top of them rattles a lot when the train goes through. I won't disagree with you that MF is a bit overrated. I also prefer Magnum and honestly Raptor over MF. Wierd how you found trash at CP. I think its probably the second cleanest park I've been in with BGW being the first. The queues can get nasty sometimes, but when they're filled with people, its tough to clean! :) We always tried to get down there and get around the edges of ours at least once a day and then of course they all got done at the end of the night when they were empty. The midways have been nearly spotless in my opinion. Anyway, I'm glad you had a good trip to CP. One day I'll make it out to SFMM and then I can see what I think of all these comparisons... :)

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As of now, the photographs are scanned in, but they are yet to be set up. I want to put them up in a gallery for easier viewing, so that will take awhile. The front page for my trip photographs is set up now though.


I feel that because I've done both Cedar Point and Magic Mountain now, I am one of the very few that are now able to actually compare both parks rightfully and justfully.

Your TR goes to the point that at any time, any place can provide a negative experience. In a four week period I visited SFMM, KBF, CP, SFWoA, and Holiday World. None of which are my home park, based on that and the fact that I am a little more mature than most here, I can provide a relatively unbiased opinion.

To me the SF flags were dirty, CP was spotless. BKF was okay and Holiday World was "World Class". I even saw CP staff in hipwaders cleaning the ponds/lakes. However, SFWoA wasn't nearly as bad as many have said. It's all timing and opinion. If we all liked the same things, all the parks would be the same (even more so than SF parks).

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Dude,you forgot to mention the crossing platform that goes over the lake.It connects the wildlife side with the water park side.

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