2007 Golden Ticket Awards

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TXRider said:Ha! It's coll that voyage won the award, but from the sounds of it, I doubt this coaster will be nearly as popular in about 10 years or so. It's big and intense, and wood coasters that are that big and that intense WILL end up being very rough later on. no matter how hard you try to maintain it. Having said that, I am really looking foward to making a trip upther to experience it(and the park) for myself.
You obviously haven't been to HW
Nope, but trust me, no amount of time and money will help this thing in the long run, I don't care if it is your precious HW

Please know what your talking about before spouting off and attacking me. They probably spend a hundred grand a year maintaining the thing But they got people comming from the four corners of the globe to ride it thus offseting, I guess 5 consecutive years of GROWTH is a mistake?

They built the whole structure out of steel. SO FOR FIFTY YEARS EL-TOROs Structure will have been totally replaced and Voyages will be original. Yeah Voyage needs more trackwork and more often but have you priced INTAMIN TRACK? I haven't but the fact that SFGADV paid twice as much for it, Tells me it isn't cheap and it won't be easy to replace as they have to order it and ship it.

I really am not so sure that some adjustments on some bankings ect can't slow Voyages wear rates either. They did it with Legend and Raven both as well as a host of other countries throughout the country by changing some angles and stuff.

And the main thing, The Trains are the thing tearing up Voyage, Not the coasters design. In that fact Id say Intamin wins, But what other choice did HW have? Pay 18 million vs the 7 million and get a intamin?

Voyage is fine as it is. Get out and ride it, It'll blow your mind as Im sure ET will mine.


At least we live in an era when there are so many good wood coasters to fight about! Times like this make me think that things could be so much worse ;)
Thanks Rob! :)
BTW, Any way at getting accest to some club I joined?

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Greg, GeForce always has a decent shot in Mitch's poll simply because Mitch acounts for (and eliminates the bias for) sheer *numbers* of riders...I can't think of ANY other ranking that does that.

Oh, I'm well aware of that -- I'm one of the people who makes sure to vote in Mitch's poll :)

Mitch's poll almost has the opposite problem, though. Coasters that have had only a few riders can end up at an advantage over well-ridden rides, if that select few happened to love the ride.

No such thing as a "perfect" poll, although I do find Mitch's poll better than most.

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Right, that's always been my criticism of Mitch's poll, is that it's often statistically irrelevant.

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He does try to compensate for that by making sure that only rides with a certain minimum number of votes get ranked. How successful that attempt is, is of course open to debate.

I think it IS more interesting than a straight popularity contest, though, if just because obscure rides that actually are good do have a chance of appearing.

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^Totally agree. While I may know about most of the stuff in N. America, it's always good to know what those of you who have BEEN overseas think of rides in Europe, Japan, and elsewhere. If I am lucky enough to make it to England next year, I have a jumpstart on what I *need* to do.

BMRX, now Knightmare, would be VERY high on my list of things to do - now, that is based more on "word of mouth" from my friends that HAVE been to Japan instead of its *rankings*....but the point remains. I might never have made it to Southern Indiana if Raven hadn't been ranked so high...that was before Legend had even had a season to GET ranked, LOL.

Where you put the line of "a statistically insignificant number" is arguable to say the least...Sandor might have that number set a little higher than Mitch does... ;)

I have my issues with Mitch's poll as well (a small group of well-traveled enthusiasts can "think alike" about a certain ride and cause it to dominate the poll) but I think it's definitely the most interesting ranking of the world's coasters because if it's anything, it's the complete opposite of a popularity contest. How many newspaper articles and industry publications still regard Beast as one of the best wood coasters around? A quick look at Mitch's poll will show that Beast is hardly a much-loved ride.
We need to an appoint a committee to define what a good coaster is and then go ride them all. That is the only way to make sure these controversies get worse.
Cool, I want to visit Kemah as well but my trip to texas has been greatly put on the back burner by the losses of Bells, SF Houston and SFNO.
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^^Let me know when your leaving on that trip, I want to go. Of course I'd have to quit my job after first winning the lottery. :)

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^You don't need to win the lottery. We are going to get all the parks with "the best" coasters to sponsor the trip. ;)

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