Walt Disney World announces new annual pass program

Posted Monday, August 30, 2021 12:10 PM | Contributed by Jeff

EDIT: It seems like there are two sets of pricing. What we reported below is on the page for "active passholders" and renewals, while new, non-renewal prices are much higher.

Walt Disney World announced a new annual pass program, which renames the various pass levels and increases prices slightly. It appears that reservations will still be required in the near future. Among the changes:

  • The Florida Pixie Dust pass allows 3 reservations and blocks out weekends and certain other weeks, at $339 plus tax.
  • The Florida Pirate Pass allows 4 reservations and blocks out a few weekends, certain holidays and spring breaks, at $594 plus tax.
  • The Florida Sorcerer Pass allows 5 reservations and blocks out only Thanksgiving and the Christmas to New Year's block, at $764 plus tax.
  • The Incredi-Pass has no residency restrictions or block out dates, and costs $1,104 plus tax.
  • The Epcot after-4 pass is gone.
  • PhotoPass is not included with any pass, but available annually for an extra $99.
  • A water park and sports add-on is $99, and includes entry to the water parks, free golf on certain days after 2:30, mini-golf before 4.

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