The Gravity Group offers precut track, more durable and faster to install

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From The Gravity Group:

The Gravity Group has created an alternative track system that is both economical and more exact. Best of all, the new track system from The Gravity Group is made of wood – preserving the integrity of a wooden roller coaster. The new engineered precut track is by design up to thirty times stronger than the traditional wooden roller coaster track. The track is precut at The Gravity Group facility by precision CNC equipment to the exact shape determined by the ride design. The additional strength and precise shape ensure that the track will deliver smooth rides and indefinitely be maintenance friendly. Additionally, this engineered precut track is economical and easy to install in prefabricated pieces with predictable, excellent results.

Six hundred feet of this track has been installed on Kings Island’s Racer in 2021. The park’s staff and guests have been vocally exuberant about the new ride experience from the engineered precut track. This new track is now patent pending and will allow The Gravity Group to refurbish classic rides and produce new ones in a way that preserves the experience and integrity of the beloved wooden roller coaster. The Gravity Group is confident that this will be the new standard for wooden roller coaster track in the not-so-distant future.

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