PKI Opening weekend and X-Flight construction tour pics posted to Midwest

Posted Monday, April 16, 2001 4:48 AM | Contributed by ShiveringTim

Big update for Midwest Coaster Central this week. For starters, the Ohio coaster season has begun with PKI opening weekend. I was there and took several shots of their new Nickelodeon Central themed area, including the new Runaway Reptar roller coaster. Oh, I also have some shots of the refurbished Flight of Fear trains. Talk about a worst to first coaster!

Secondly, time for yet another X-Flight update. The park invited enthusiasts to attend a hard hat tour of the construction site. Being only 15 minutes away, I decided to take a long lunch that day. Included with this update are pics of the station, transfer switches, lift and up close and personal shots with the trains.

Link: Midwest Coaster Central

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