Millbrook Park side friction model complete

Posted Thursday, June 19, 2003 5:44 AM | Contributed by Arrow Guy

2002 Marked the 100th anniversary of Millbrook Park's 60 foot high side friction coaster, which stood until 1913 just east of Portsmouth, Ohio. It was the tallest coaster around when built, and featured a unique layout that differed from the typical Figure 8 found on many early coasters. The park was one of many situated on the Ohio River, and flood damage in 1913 left the ride inoperable. The park was also home to a carousel and ballroom, and the ball field was very popular. Only a couple structures remain next to the Wal-Mart plaza, and the large recessed area of land north of the park was home to the lake seen in many postcards. The park is also depicted on the famous Portsmouth floodwalls. Styrene and basswood were the primary materials used. Due to a minimal number of photos and very little information on the park, the model was very challenging. It can be seen at the Mayor's building, 3980 Rhodes Ave, which is located on Route 52 East as you pass through town. The building is home to many city officials and is open during regular weekday business hours.

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